Wednesday, April 30, 2008

June 10th - $2.8 million - Yes/No for Franklin Schools

The choice is now in the hands of the voters.

Make it an informed vote:
  • Visit Franklin Matters often for informational updates
  • Read the news papers
  • Talk with your neighbors
If you are not registered to vote, visit the Town Clerk's office and register.

If you will be out of town on the 10th, apply for an absentee ballot.

There is no reason why you should not vote.

How you vote is up to you!

Possible SOBCon08 Song/Anthem

I have a history of rewriting some songs so with SOBCon08 coming up, I thought I try my hand at another one. If you want to join in and wordsmith or improve on the lyrics, feel free to jump in on a comment or via email to me (shersteve at gmail dot com).

Proposed SOBCon Anthem or Theme song

To the tune of Christine Kane's "Tucson"
Christine Kane/Lee Baby Sims Music/ASCAP/1997)

New words for SOBCon

Out on the web no one
knows you are alone
So when you howl about your new tool
That won’t format and ends up a clog
It’s about time you flog
a business blogging school

These days I twitter with the best of them
You retweet my anthem
I tweet Phil’s blog
We put the pod into podcasting
Moved a video into videocasting
Shortened into vlog

Maybe I played with fire
Maybe it made me wiser, but
I should have gone to SOBCon

I read about open comment night
Terry’s singing was quite a sight
Wendy’s giving a hug
To those she meets first time
We all came via email or a dime
Recognizing each by their mug

Maybe it was good last year
Maybe it’ll cost me dear, but
I think I should go to SOBCon

The organizers are led by Liz
Who is quite good at this biz
Analyze the layout
Add the widgets and buttons
Keep the content fresh
On topic to increase the pay out

Maybe it’ll be great this year
Maybe it’ll cost me dear, but
I've registered to go to SOBCon

Foolish Music (MADCAP Records 2008)

Countdown to SOBCon08

Quite a listing to be part of. I can hardly wait to be there!

Cliff Atkinson
Shashi Bellamkonda
Chris Brogan
Harry Brooks
Anita Bruzzese
Dave Bullock
Mark Carter
Brian Clark
Tom Clifford
Valerie Combs
Chris Cree
Lisa Cree
Thomas Croghan
Donna Cutting
David Dalka
Kevin Dixie
Tim Draayer
Andrew Dubber
Monica Duncan
Easton Ellsworth
Kevin Ferrasci O’Malley
Jonathan Fields
Sarah Filipiak
Mary-Lynn Foster
Annie Galvin Teich
Brian Gardner
Chris Garrett
Jon Gatrell
Phil Gerbyshak
Jared Goralnick
Karen Hanrahan
Joseph Hauckes
Vicky Hennegan
Scot Herrick
John Hong
Stephen Hopson
Robert Hruzek
Timothy Johnson
Pete Jones
Todd Jordan
Bob Kakoliris
Christine Kane
Adam Kayce
Kristen King
Jen Knoedl
Stephen Koernig
Bryan Kress
George Krueger
Amy L
Tammy Lenski
James G. Lindberg
Eli Litscher
Rick Mahn
Sim Margolis
Michael Martine
Becky McCray
Maria Meadows
Cory Miller
Ann Michael
Dawud Miracle
Debra Moorhead
Matthew Murphy
Paul O’Flaherty
Tim Padar
Jesse Petersen
Melissa Pierce
Wendy Piersall
Sandra Ponce de Leon
J. Erik Potter
Karen Putz
Susan R Quandt
Levy Rivers
Barbara Rozgonyi
Jeff Sable
Sheila Scarborough
Mary Schmidt
Derek Semmler
Maria Sharon
David Sherbow
Steve Sherlock
Brad Shorr
Louise Silberman
Sonia Simone-Rossney
Julien Smith
Stephen Smith
Michael Snell
Derrick Sorles
Terry Starbucker
Liz Strauss
Jon Swanson
Ruth M Sylte
Windsor Tanner
Michelle Vandepas
Lorelle VanFossen
Colleen Wainwright
Denise Wakeman
James D. Walton
Randy Windsor
Joanna Young

Meet me in Chicago!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rapid Fire Learning - April

There has never been a better time to be alive. The means to share, collaborate, learn and grow are at our finger tips with the click of a button. Learning is in our blood. We all carve and need growth--whether we've come to recognize it or not.
Tim Draayer kicks off Rapid Fire Learning this month at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog. It has been a special month for learning. What are the five things I learned this month?

1 - Voice does make a difference. If you have not had a chance to experience VoiceThread, please click through to see the experiment Joanna Young fostered for us at JJL. Viva la difference!

2 - Daily writing brings unexpected pleasures. I started a series of sherku on the Franklin Line station stops. That got picked up on Universal Hub which turned from haiku/sherku into limericks from the community. I wrote about that on JJL and the limericks have some legs now. There will be more to come.

3 - Body balance is wonderful. The Day 1 GEL2008 morning session was Sphereplay. Rolling a sphere around your hand keeping in contact with it. This was not like playing catch or juggling. That requires coordination and separation of the sphere from the body. Sphereplay requires constant contact between the body and the sphere. We all have a strong hand or strong side, one of the positive developments is to spend time with the weak side. Bring the body more into balance. One major plus for me was after an hour of such sphereplay, I could not recall what my most recent work task was. Checking the Blackberry after the session brought it all back so nothing was lost. I did gain the capability to re-produce this sometime now with a sphere.

4 - Listening is an intense activity. In the Day 1 GEL2008 afternoon session, I did some improv exercises with Cathy Salit. The first was mirroring the movements of a partner. Every so often, a bell rang, and the leader switched between my partner and I. We needed to pay attention to the movement underway and then transition to a new leader/follower. The third step in this set was the leader started speaking a sentence. You need ed to speak real ly slowly... to allow the partner to follow you and when the bell rang and the leader switched, it was a real challenge.

5 - You don't have to spend a lot of money to learn. PodCamp New York, a free unconference re-enforced this again. One prime example was finding about the Free Reading.Net site from Anna Breed. Anna works for Wireless Generation. The Free Reading program has been certified by the Florida Department of Education for use in the state. The program is in pilot with three Boston elementary schools and expected to roll out to all of the Boston elementary schools this September. The cost avoidance of books with program is a clear benefit. It is focused on K-1 right now with grades 2-3 being added this summer. Maybe something for Franklin to consider?

There was more learning this month but this is the top five.

What did you learn in April?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The PodCamp difference

The difference between a podcamp and most other conferences is the social media interaction.

While Chris Penn and Maria Thurrell are talking (well actually Chris in this specific moment) about using social media for non-profits, members of the audiance are participating in mutiple ways: twittering, sending a video live stream, live blogging, and yes, also paying attention, asking questions, internalizing what is being heard.

Rhett and Link - Facebook Song

Rhett and Link performed at GEL2008 and closed out the session with this song about Facebook.



For more Rhett & Link, check out their web site

or their YouTube page

Friday, April 25, 2008

GEL2008 Day1 Sphereplay

GEL2008 Day1 Sphereplay, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Michael and Jennifer provided good instruction in Sphereplay. They showed us the three basic moves: the index finger roll, the pinky finger roll and the top of the finger roll. Combine those and any other that you can think of (within gravity) and that is Sphereplay.

The logo on their stickers reads: "Think less, play more"

When you play you get into the moment more fully than you would if you thought about it. It works, after an hour of rolling (or trying to roll) the sphere around my hands, I could not recall the last item on my list of to do's from work. After the session ended, the Blackberry connection brought it all back. It was good while it lasted and now I also know how to bring it back.

GEL2008 Day1 he's got the whole world in his hand...

Yea, kinda looks like the world. Just a colored acrylic sphere that abides by the one major rule in Sphereplay: gravity rules.

It was a truly good spherenience!

GEL2008 Day1 First Park Tulips

GEL2008 Day1 First Park Tulips, originally uploaded by shersteve.

First Park is at the corner of 1st Avenue and Houston St in NYC. A coffeeshop conveniently located at the subway entrance. Several tables, chairs and blooming flowers brought a touch of color to this corner of the sity in the morning light.

Headed to the Chinatown YMCA for Sphereplay as my first session with the GEL2008 conference.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

rough ride

I have written while riding the MBTA from Franklin to Boston before and not noticed as much of a problem as I have today riding down to NYC on Amtrak. I need to move slowly or the mouse click will take me somewhere I did not intend to go.

I am enjoying the power plug at the seat and the additional productivity gained during the ride. The swaying and other gyrations, I'll put up with.

Have you written or typed while riding the train?

What was your experience?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Over 50? - Take the Elder blog survey

Ronni Bennett and others in the elder blog world
have put together a survey.
The goal is to find out what elderbloggers are like, how we may be similar and how we are different, how we relate to technology, how we came to be bloggers or blog readers, how we feel about it and what our demographics are.

There are 57 questions, many of which are required so that there is the largest possible population from which to draw conclusions. They are straightforward questions, mostly multiple-choice, and it shouldn’t take longer than about 15 minutes to complete.

If you are over 50, please consider taking the survey.

I just took the survey myself, it is quick and easy to do.

Blogger now schedules

I love that Blogger in Draft now allows for scheduling posts. Hip Hip hooray!

I used do most of my writing in advance and leave it in draft. In the morning, between breakfast and checking email I would set them all to publish and head for the train. Now as I work on the draft, I can set the timer and let it go!

Did notice that if I went back and edited the posting after setting the timer, it did not go. Anyone else see that? I'll have to try and recreate this to see if it is repeatable or a one time event.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Foolish Music Songbook

From the time to time the urge to re-purpose a piece of music/lyrics has arisen and this is the listing of those Foolish Music efforts:

Aloha Rosa (to the tune of Neil Diamond's "Cracklin' Rosie")
this was also posted here

JJL Learning Anthem (to the tune of Neil Diamond's "I'm a believer")
this can also be found here and here
the audio version of this can be found here

PodCamp Boston 1 Anthem
(to the tune of Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York")

PodCamp Boston 2 Anthem
(to the tune of Stephen Foster's "Oh, Susannah")

PodCamp generic anthem
(to the tune of Stephen Foster's "Oh, Susannah")
you fill in the blanks to make it for your PodCamp!

If I was a life long learner
(a collaborative effort) (to the tune of the Bare Naked Ladies "If I had a Million Dollars")

The Twelve Days of Christmas, the JJL way (a collaborative effort)
the back story, or the making of

Music for a Hot August Night includes a couple of newly re-worded songs; "YouTube" and "Twitterholic"

Sherlock's Foolish Music (MADCAP Records)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

rhyme to learn

I had an opportunity to introduce the limerick as a format for focused writing on the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog yesterday. Jump on over to read about it. You have my permission to do so.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Good for poetry

My Franklin Line sherku have inspired a bunch of commuter-rail station limericks.

I am searching for my rhyming dictionary so I can play along!

Summer planning

Fire Captain Bob says that if you are not on vacation, you should be planning your next vacation. School will be out for the summer soon. Allison graduates one month from today. Dolores says goodbye to her kindergarten friends two months from now. Carolyn is busy working on her co-op through June then she returns to the classroom so she doesn't really get a break. Which is much like the real world. I carefully plan out my four weeks to spend some family time and to do something special for me.

SOBCon08 requires one vacation day in two weeks.

The Dodge Poetry Festival will take a couple of vacation days in September.

Fortunately, PodCampNY and PodCamp Boston 3 and the Lowell Folk Festival won't require vacation time.

How do you plan your vacation?

5 for Friday

1 - 10 ways to become a writer (that gets paid)

2 -I have seen most tumbler blogs as an alternate collection of multiple writings in one place. I found via my explorations a good design blog at DesignAday.

3 - More developments in the news this week around the chemical compound in Nalgene although the news articles this week did not mention Nalgene by name. Wikipedia is keeping up with it. I wrote about Nalgene here.

4 - Danah Boyd has a posting linking to a very interesting study on cell phone use amongst teenage girls in Palestine. Well worth reading how technology in this case is providing an out for some girls from their societies restrictions and yet is also entangling them.

5 - and for fun on a Friday, lets visit Bernie DeKoven who provides some insight into the folks at ImprovEverywhere as they pull off another event, this time "The Best game ever"


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Franklin Line sherku

I have series of sherku on the stops along the Franklin Line underway. I ride the rails twice most days, I know the stops by heart but do I know much about what is at each stop? No, hence a little speculation and a little learning ensue on this series, along with a healthy dose of fun.

There are more coming, at least one for each stop on the main line as well as along the Dorchester branch. Click on over to quiet poet to subscribe.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PodCamp Boston 3 - July 19-20

Yes, the third iteration of the historic event returns to the Boston area this summer. PodCampers will converge on Harvard:
After a few months of research and groundwork, PodCamp Boston 3 will be held at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School on July 19 & 20, 2008. We’ve scheduled it during the summer, when it’s more affordable for venues, and not *too* close to PME/NME and PodCamps Ohio and Philly.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The venue, after all is said and done, will be about $35K for the amenities package, or about $25K for the space, plus A/V and Internet access.

PodCamp Boston 3 will be the first PodCamp that is also substantially sponsored by YOU. To help offset the fairly large price tag of the venue (and other schools & conference centers were of comparable cost), PodCamp Boston 3 will be the first PodCamp to revert back to the FooCamp model (the original unconference, before BarCamp) of using paid tickets for admission.

The Harvard medical school conference center holds about 400 people. With $50 sponsorships per person plus some corporate sponsorships, PodCamp Boston 3 should be able to break even.

We hope to see you at Harvard this summer. Sponsorship tickets are now available.

Click through to the PodCamp website to add it to your RSS Reader to maintain currency with additional info as it becomes available and of course, to register.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

PodCamp NY 2.0 - Apr 25, 26

New York, New York! If I can make it there I can make it anywhere... Unfortunately, I don't sing as well as Frank does but I can hum pretty good! I am on my way to PodCamp New York later this month.

If you can make it, this FREE unconference is well worth attending.

The PodCamp wiki is here

To register click here

I guess I should bring my tri-corner hat.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wet jeans

What is worse than wet jeans?
Having your team lose the
Soccer game that got you wet

What is a sherku?

Yes, the NE Revolution played at home tonight. The weather was supposed to be cloudy and dry. But this is New England so the weather changed and it rained on us for about 10-15 minutes during the first half. Enough to get us good and wet. Fortunately it stayed warm.

Unfortunately, the Rev did not score and did allow a goal off a set piece to lose 1-0.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Viva la difference!

It is my turn to post today at the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog. My entry discusses an answer to Joanna's question on "What difference does voice make?"

It makes all the difference. Viva la difference!

You have my permission, indeed encouragement to go, read my post. Spend some time viewing the Voice Thread.

It is a wonderful thing!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Poem in Your Pocket Day - April 17th

Celebrate the first national Poem In Your Pocket Day!

The idea is simple: select a poem you love during National Poetry Month then carry it with you to share with co-workers, family, and friends on April 17.

Poems from pockets will be unfolded throughout the day with events in parks, libraries, schools, workplaces, and bookstores. Create your own Poem In Your Pocket Day event using ideas below or let us know how you will celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day by emailing

In this age of mechanical and digital reproduction, it's easy to carry a poem, share a poem, or start your own PIYP day event. Here are some ideas of how you might get involved:

  • Start a "poems for pockets" give-a-way in your school or workplace
  • Urge local businesses to offer discounts for those carrying poems
  • Post pocket-sized verses in public places
  • Handwrite some lines on the back of your business cards
  • Start a street team to pass out poems in your community
  • Distribute bookmarks with your favorite immortal lines
  • Add a poem to your email footer
  • Post a poem on your blog or social networking page
  • Project a poem on a wall, inside or out
  • Text a poem to friends
  • South Station Dominoes

    Since it was a weekend, I missed the occasion. Were you around to see the dominoes?

    Check out the written recap here

    And the video recaps here:


    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    Dangerous precedent, if true

    I think several points raised the Milford Daily News article today deserve some elaboration.

    'The School Committee... seems to be accepting grants, so I don't know why they couldn't accept a grant from the Brick School (Association),'' said Hunter.
    They will if the grant is for supplementing not supplanting what the school budget provides.

    "They've said they won't accept donations to pay for a teacher, but last week, they accepted $2,000 for a teacher to use in her classroom through a `Teacher of the Year' award,'' Sandham said.
    I guess you don't understand the difference between supplement and supplant. The money is an award for the teach to use in her classroom, it does not pay the teacher's salary.

    "We're hoping there will be some way we can work with them,'' she said. The committee's policy should not prevent funding via grants, Sandham added.
    There is a way. Make the grant non-specific and they'll accept it based upon the policy revision to use it to supplement and not supplant the school budget.

    Rep. James Vallee, D-Franklin, has also told the group he has earmarked $25,000 for the Brick School, Hunter and Brick School House Association Secretary Paula Sandham said.
    Vallee could not be reached to confirm the earmark, though his staff director, Erin L. Souza, said he has not yet made a decision on the association's request for the funds.
    This would be a dangerous precedent if true. While Rep. Vallee has been very successful in providing funds to Franklin via the Chapter 70 allocation and other grants, an earmark would cross the border of who controls and determines the funding for education in Franklin; our state Rep or the School Committee?

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, the real focus needs to be on the total budget for Franklin education. We can not afford to loose 45 teachers. The trend in the last several years is for providing less than the level service of the prior year. If the cuts (as forecasted) do go through, the trend of being a high performing district will begin to show up in next year's MCAS results. Another year or two of more cuts and we'll be in similar straits as Randolph.

    Franklin has gotten used to living of the largess of the Commonwealth. Chapter 70 provides half the funding for our schools (see the state trending information put together by two Arlington residents).

    Will Franklin decide to start paying their own way?
    How much educational funding will that equate to?

    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    Lessons from experience - Scott Berkun

    Scott Berkun, independent now for four years outlines a number of the things he has learned while being independent. For example, he writes:
    • Network is everything. Independence is a funny word. Yes, I am my own boss, but because I’m solo I have a huge network of people I depend on to make a living (including you, dear blog reader). For writing it includes publishers, editors, illustrators, and most amazingly, people willing to spend money to read things I write. For speaking, it includes corporations, conferences, and individuals who spread the word about my talents in front of crowds: all of whom I need to get new engagements and keep this going. To be on my own actually means my fate depends on more people than it did in a corporate job, it’s just a more diffuse dependence.
    Read more of what Scott learned and see if some of these can help you.

    Note: I did have the opportunity to hear Scott in person; he is good. I did read his book, The Myths of Innovation. It is well written. I thought I had done a book review of it but apparently not although I did write this. I guess a review needs to be on my "to do" listing.

    Attention Franklin Line Commuters

    You should be aware there is a schedule change coming into effect on Monday, April 7, 2008. A quick glance at the schedule the other day didn't seem to find any real changes. I picked up a hard copy of the new schedule and compared it line-by-line with the April 2007 schedule.

    Inbound to Boston

    From Forge Park, 2 trains start sooner (#790, #720), 2 start later (#718, #796).
    From Norwood Central, 2 trains start sooner (#792, #794)
    From Walpole train #738 starts later.

    all other trains start are scheduled to star at the same time as the prior schedule.

    Now it would make sense that if the train starts earlier, it would arrive earlier but that is not always the case. It is true for the two trains starting from Forge Park and the one from Walpole, but for the two starting from Norwood Central, they arrive later as they travel the Dorchester Branch (bridge construction for next couple of years). There are also two trains that while they remain starting at the same time, they are currently scheduled to arrive later (#710, #798).

    Outbound from Boston

    Four trains are scheduled to start earlier (#705, #795, #713, #737).
    Starting home early doesn't give all of these trains an advantage, the #795 actually completes later (via the Dorchester Branch) while the other three are scheduled to arrive earlier.

    Five trains all leave South Station at the same time but are scheduled to complete their journey later (#735, #799, #719, #721, #729).

    One of these (#799) goes via the Dorchester Branch and yet the schedule adjustment does not take into account the 10-15 delay recently experienced due to the bridge construction. Maybe, with other changes in schedule for other lines the 799 can run closer to its schedule. We'll see.

    Schedules are available at South Station and online here.

    Happy Birthday, Joanna!

    Joanna is clebrating her birthday today and shared this different and cool version of the happy birthday song by Altered Images:

    Enjoy this day, a new day, maybe even your birthday.

    Jump on over to leave a comment on Joanna's blog and wish her a happy birthday!

    Friday, April 04, 2008

    Berkman@10: Lawrence Lessig

    Berkman@10: Lawrence Lessig, originally uploaded by shersteve.

    mosaic of the Berkman@10 event featuring Lawrence Lessig introducing his Change Congress initiative.

    top left, the fireplace in the Ames Courtroom
    top right, John Palfry introduced Lawrence
    bottom left, Lawrence speaking
    bottom right, Congressman Jim Cooper from Tennessee who was the first to pledge to Change Congress.

    new Don Quixote - Lawrence Lessig

    There is a new Don Quixote
    Lawrence Lessig his name
    Change Congress his game

    I got to the Berkman Center for the presentation by Lawrence Lessig tonight. For a rainy day, 5:00 PM, on a Friday to boot, there were a couple hundred people turn out to do likewise.

    He is quite a presenter. Polished, speaking paced carefully with his slides in a minimalist fashion. Some slides just one word. Most slides less than half a dozen words. Efficient. Effective. Powerful.

    Hence, the sherku above. There are more coming. I was busy letting my wheels spin on the train ride home. Digesting what he said and what it would mean.

    The session was broadcast live on the web so I am assuming it will be available sometime soon as an on-demand video to reply. When it is, I'll provide a link. It will be well worth watching/seeing again.

    Dilbert's Cubicle

    Did you see the work the good design firm Ideo did for Dilbert?

    I for one, just found this and love it.

    Where can I get this?

    Berkman@10 - Lawrence Lessig

    From the Berkman website:

    -5:00 PM ET
    Ames Courtroom, located on the second floor of Austin Hall. Harvard Law School Campus (A map is below)
    -This event is free and open to the public - RSVP is not required

    -This event will be webcast live, and available via this link on Friday, April 4th at 5 PM ET.

    10 years into the Berkman Center and 5 years into Creative Commons, former Berkman Center Faculty Director and current crusader against congressional corruption Lawrence Lessig is coming back to Cambridge.

    Celebrate Professor Lessig's return to the Harvard campus on Friday April 4th, where he will speak about his new effort: Building the Change Congress Movement. This talk is co-sponsored by Harvard College Free Culture.

    From the Change Congress site:

    Change Congress is a movement to build support for basic reform in how our government functions. Using technological and internet tools, both candidates and citizens can pledge their support for basic changes to reduce the distorting influence of money in Washington. The Change Congress community will link candidates committed to a reform with volunteers and contributors who support it.

    Change Congress organizes citizens to push candidates to make four simple commitments:

    1. No money from lobbyists or PACs
    2. Vote to end earmarks
    3. Support publicly-financed campaigns
    4. Support reform to increase Congressional transparency.

    reception in the rotunda of Austin West will follow the talk.

    Thursday, April 03, 2008

    A Third Body - Robert Bly

    This April, I have determined to read as many of my poetry book collection as I can. I am starting with two a day for the train ride. To skip along like a stone on the surface. To become more familiar with the author and to dive deeper when the spirit moves.

    In the book, Loving a Woman in Two Worlds by Robert Bly I found this and need to share it.


    A Third Body

    A man and a woman sit near each other, and they do not long
    at this moment to be older, or younger, nor born
    in any other nation, or time, or place.
    They are content to be where they are, talking or not-talking.
    Their breaths together feed someone whom we do not know.
    The man sees the way his fingers move;
    he sees her hands close around a book she hands to him.
    They obey a third body that they have in common.
    They have made a promise to love that body.
    Age may come, parting may come, death will come.
    A man and a woman sit near each other;
    as they breathe they feed someone we do not know,
    someone we know of, whom we have never seen.

    copyright 1985 - Robert Bly

    Wednesday, April 02, 2008

    The tightrope and the needle

    Ronni Bennett has a great guest posting from Linda Burnham over at "Time Goes By".

    Do yourself the favor, take a few extra minutes and read the full posting and then dig into the comments.

    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    April is National Poetry Month

    Give poetry a chance, read a poem.

    Visit quiet poet and cruise amongst my sherku and other poems I have written there.

    Or check out the poetry archives at

    Happy Birthday Chris Brogan!!!

    This is not an April Fool's joke. This is a laughing matter of joyful celebration!

    Chris is indeed one day (and year) older and wiser on this his natural* birthday!

    Happy Birthday, Chris!!!

    *natural because... I am sure he also has a twitter birthday, a ning birthday, a Facebook birthday, a you-fill-in-the-blank-with-a-social-media-or-social-network-tool birthday and you get the drift!