Friday, April 04, 2008

new Don Quixote - Lawrence Lessig

There is a new Don Quixote
Lawrence Lessig his name
Change Congress his game

I got to the Berkman Center for the presentation by Lawrence Lessig tonight. For a rainy day, 5:00 PM, on a Friday to boot, there were a couple hundred people turn out to do likewise.

He is quite a presenter. Polished, speaking paced carefully with his slides in a minimalist fashion. Some slides just one word. Most slides less than half a dozen words. Efficient. Effective. Powerful.

Hence, the sherku above. There are more coming. I was busy letting my wheels spin on the train ride home. Digesting what he said and what it would mean.

The session was broadcast live on the web so I am assuming it will be available sometime soon as an on-demand video to reply. When it is, I'll provide a link. It will be well worth watching/seeing again.

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