Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Possible SOBCon08 Song/Anthem

I have a history of rewriting some songs so with SOBCon08 coming up, I thought I try my hand at another one. If you want to join in and wordsmith or improve on the lyrics, feel free to jump in on a comment or via email to me (shersteve at gmail dot com).

Proposed SOBCon Anthem or Theme song

To the tune of Christine Kane's "Tucson"
Christine Kane/Lee Baby Sims Music/ASCAP/1997)

New words for SOBCon

Out on the web no one
knows you are alone
So when you howl about your new tool
That won’t format and ends up a clog
It’s about time you flog
a business blogging school

These days I twitter with the best of them
You retweet my anthem
I tweet Phil’s blog
We put the pod into podcasting
Moved a video into videocasting
Shortened into vlog

Maybe I played with fire
Maybe it made me wiser, but
I should have gone to SOBCon

I read about open comment night
Terry’s singing was quite a sight
Wendy’s giving a hug
To those she meets first time
We all came via email or a dime
Recognizing each by their mug

Maybe it was good last year
Maybe it’ll cost me dear, but
I think I should go to SOBCon

The organizers are led by Liz
Who is quite good at this biz
Analyze the layout
Add the widgets and buttons
Keep the content fresh
On topic to increase the pay out

Maybe it’ll be great this year
Maybe it’ll cost me dear, but
I've registered to go to SOBCon

Foolish Music (MADCAP Records 2008)


  1. Steve,
    You're brilliant! I'm making sure Christine sees this!!

  2. Thanks, Liz. She did see this before I posted.

    Good to have meet you in Chicago! A good day a good time!