Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Go Revs

there are plenty of empty seats for the Rev playoff game tonight. 0-0 at the half

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Touch and go

New England Revolution - half timeImage by shersteve via FlickrThe New England Revolution enter the playoffs again. While they have the longest continuous streak of making the playoffs amongst the New England pro teams, the only thing that really matters is winning the MLS Cup. Which they have yet to do. Will this be the year? It will be touch and go.

Recall that this season started back in March with some key folks missing. Noonan was gone for good, off to Norway. Riley also, via the draft to San Jose. John was not re-signed. Twellman was recovering. Who did we have? The younsters; Dube, Nyassi and Munsally to assist the core players, Ralston, Joseph, Parkhurst, Reis, etc. The Revs got started pretty well. They were top of the league and Taylor had not played a minute of a game. How did they do it? Touch and go.

Good quick passes, good movement off the ball, keeping the offensive pressure on, keeping the other offense at bay. As the season wore on, the opponents began to realize that one way to beat the speed was to be physical. Dube, Mansally, and Nyassi began to get mugged with the full approval of the officals. The SuperLiga intervened and the Revs prevailed topping the Houston Dynamo in a shoot-out final to take home their first international Cup. What was it like during the shoot-out? Touch and go!

The MLS season resumed with a series of 2 games a week and the Revs paid the price. Their legs and bodies couldn't handle the travel schedule. They got a break in mid-September, got some rest and still faltered into the end of the season. Questionable calls on the road, ugly red cards in the final game and finally the season was over. What did it feel like for the fans? Touch and go!

Now the playoffs begin. A clean slate, only 4 games left to play. They can not afford to lose a game. They have to step up big. The red card suspensions sit two starters for the first game. Twellman is still feeling the effects of his collision with the LA goalie in August. (Yes, he scored the goal). Ralston is out for the remainder of the season with his broken leg. Christman stopped his season in July to get his foot operated on. What does that leave to start? The youngsters; Dube, Mansally and Nyassi. What do they need to do? Touch and go.

Can they do it? Yes.
Will they do it? I hope so.

If they play to their strength (touch and go), Chicago can be tamed. Chicago won't be easy but they can be beaten. Who comes after that is not a concern. Chicago is the first and most important.

The Revs need to touch and go!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BlogherBoston - Recap - Part 1

There are a whole bunch of photos up on Flickr from BlogHerBoston which took place on the Saturday of the Columbus Day weekend.

I went to meet some folks there that I would not have had an opportunity to meet easily elsewhere. To say that I was in a "manority" at the conference would be perfectly true. I think other than along the vendor tables, there were only a handful of us amongst the women.

The conference buzz began in earnest with a "speed dating" type icebreaker. We all formed into two lines facing each other across and along the main hall. At the sound of go, we had five minutes to exchange who we were, what we were about and if lucky to also exchange cards to remember who we met. I was fortunate to meet

Liz Henry - amongst the many things we talked about in our quick session and later during the cocktail part, the major item I took away was her suggestion to use MySpace to reach the teenagers in Franklin and thus to capture some attention that way.

Colleen Kamen - a researcher at the Center for Future Civic Media, this was a fortunate meeting as she was also part of the panel discussion for the first session I participated in.

Julie Hall - she works for Schneider Associates a Boston area PR firm.

Jory Des Jardins - we have corresponded for quite a while so it was a pleasure to finally meet in person. If you haven't found her blog at Pause, consider stopping by.

Lisa Williams - the founder of Placeblogger, and local blogger at H2OTown, she was one of the key reasons to be at BlogHer. She was going to be on a panel discussion on "Can Social Media save Media".

more to follow....

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Double rainbow


Nice double rainbow just now as the train approached Readville. Too bad that tree hides the bottom part, that's where the best color spectrum was. The second band is disappearing to the right of this one already.

Such a fleeting piece of glory!

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Sledding lesson

My entry for October's theme on the Joyful Jubilant Learning blog got posted on Monday. Yes, Monday. Where does time go? Anyway, that should be another posting.

What to read my entry?
Click on over to Joyful Jubilant Learning to read it here.

You have my permission to go. Enjoy!

I believe that you'll come back sometime!

Billy Collins on Poetry 2

Billy CollinsImage by shersteve via FlickrContinuing my recap of the recent Dodge Poetry Festival, in one of the Billy Collins sessions I attended he told an analogy that writing poetry is like an eye chart. You know the eye chart you see in the doctor's office.

It has the big E and lines of other letters in decreasing size.

We can all see the E, the next line, maybe the next, then we start squinting, guessing, there is ambiguity, and uncertainty.

Poetry is like that. You start with something known and move to the unknown.

"Real poetry takes place after prose has exhausted itself."

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Not good start for the new schedule


The new schedule is off to a bad start. The 799 was canceled and the new 717 only came in to the station to board at 4:23. We should have boarded about 4:10 to leave at 4:20.

So much for changing the schedule to "ease congestion".

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House of cards - Lisa Greenfield


The floating house of cards by Lisa Greenfield. Click through to her site for more photos of the work in progress and some other finished views.

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Billy Collins on Poetry

Billy CollinsImage by ronk53 via FlickrContinuing my recap of the recent Dodge Poetry Festival, I managed to catch Billy Collins a couple of times. In his "poets on poetry" session he said:

They are very different activities; to write and to talk about poetry, especially when talking about your own poetry.

and on poetry

There is so much intuitive luck and verbal happiness that is unexplainable and untransferable

Billy says

Poetry is an interruption of silence. Prose is a continuation of noise.

more from Billy later. Need to think about these for awhile.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Make it Right by Writing

Blog Action Day October 15th, 2008 - Focus on ...Image by adria.richards via Flickr

Coming out of the recent Blog Action Day, David Zinger is encouraging a campaign to raise money to help fight poverty.

If you blog and want to join the pledge to donate 2 cents per word during the last week of October.

You can read more about the pledge details here.

If you don't blog, no problem, you can still donate to a charity of your choice that will help the cause.

I have taken the pledge and will donate for each blog posting I make across the following sites:

Franklin Matters
quiet poet
Joyful Jubilant Learning

and of course, here at Steve's 2 Cents.

In lieu of counting words, I will contribute two dollars per post and divide the donation between the Franklin Food Pantry and the Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund.

Will you join me?

Contribute what you can to a charity of your choice that works to address poverty.

Thank you!

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"Time To Let Your Readers Know"

2. ‘Fessing Up: When It’s Time To Let Your Readers Know

Yes, I did that Saturday with my Passionate Runner blog readers, check it out here.

Where did #2 come from?

A long list of 50 items that Joanna put together here. Go ahead, don't be bashful. You can follow the link.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dolores!

The flower bouquet that was delivered to Dolores' classroom yesterday for her birthday.

A classroom delivery is always a big hit with her kindergarten students.

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"children's games as performances"

Children playing Image via WikipediaBernie DeKoven, the Funsmith, writes:
I had to play it first. And when I did, I realized that the clearly silly game of Duck-Duck-Goose fully satisfied my criteria for a meaningful, kid-produced, kid-acted, kid-directed, theatrical experience. It was highly dramatic. It was something they actually wanted to do, actually could organize and become engaged with. Thus I began work on my “theater” curriculum and my lifelong exploration of the Theater of Games.

I soon discovered I was working within a global theater. Searching for more and more games, I found books of games from all over the world. The Games that are played out in the Theater of Games are in fact a form of literature – not written, maybe, not even oral, perhaps, but “enacted” – and thus handed down, from generation to generation, brother to brother, culture to culture. The literature of games can convey complex relationships, roles and consequences, issues of conflict and heroism.
Ring around the rosie, jump rope, hop scotch, all hearken back to simpler times. In times of trouble, getting back to the basics, re-establishing relationships, building trust and community, living in hope, having some good clean fun, are all something I strive for.

What do you think about this game called life?

What are you doing to deliver a top performance.

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my fellow children

During the recent Dodge Poetry Festival, I caught a "Poets on Poetry" session with Sharon Olds. One of my take-aways was when she said:

"I write for my fellow children, however old they are"

I like that.

We should all live as children in that they can (and we should) approach daily life with no fear, there is just a world of amazing things to discover.

Maybe that is why Peter Pan is my hero!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Good fortune - Life is a verb

How is this for good fortune? Out for a family dinner to celebrate Dolores' birthday to PagoPago in nearby Milford.

It was Allison's good fortune to get this one!

Patti, I did not realize your book tour had extended so far! Way to go!

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5 for Friday

Milwaukee Art Museum - window wallImage by shersteve via FlickrIn this week's 5 for Friday feature that allows me to catch up on sharing items with you that I found this week, let's start with this:
But as the demonstration by Vuagnoux and Pasini suggests, any device that emits radio frequency waves may be vulnerable to a sophisticated eavesdropper. The two researchers conclude that wired keyboards are not safe to transmit sensitive information.

Given the risks of wireless keyboards, which require even less sophistication to intercept, it appears there is no safe way to enter sensitive information into a computer, apart from Tempest-protected equipment as described by various national communication security information memorandums.

But in all likelihood NSA spooks with antennas aren't waiting for you to type your bank logon details. So there's no need to panic yet.
Yes, there is an exploit now to intercept the signals your keyboard emits. Read the full story here.

2 -

The gym I belong to has an inspirational message posted that changes weekly. Today there was a quote from Barbara Hall from her book A Summons to New Orleans that ended:

Look. Listen. Choose. Act.

And I thought, "that's the perfect way to explain how to get started with social media."

Read the remainder of this explanation to get started with social media here.

3 -
A word is an arbitrary label—that’s the foundation of linguistics. But many people think otherwise. They believe in word magic: that uttering a spell, incantation, curse, or prayer can change the world. Don’t snicker: Would you ever say “Nothing has gone wrong yet” without looking for wood to knock?
Read the remainder of Steven Pinker's thought provoking article here

4 - I found this one this week although it was posted 9/24/08.
Ever since I was a kid, I've loved maps — studying them and trying to figure out the mysteries that lay behind their representations.

Then I stumbled on this map. And I thought, "What is going on here?" If you haven't seen this before, take a few moments to study it and see if you can figure out the key.

You will need to click through to view the map and then figure out the rest. It will be worthwhile visiting Roger Van Oech's site.

5 - And finally

Over at the Monday Note blog, former Apple/Be maven Jean-Louis Gassée poses a rhetorical question to Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT): How do you compete with free? But it's not just "free" that Microsoft's competing with here, and it's not "open," either. It's "agile."

Agility's a buzzword, to be sure, but it's one that's coming up again and again to smack Microsoft in the face. The Windows legacy -- or maybe I should say, legacy Windows -- is both its biggest accomplishment and its greatest hindrance.

Read the full posting on the InformationWeek website here

How do you compete with free?

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Food learning


Not sure I should be reading a new issue of Food & Wine magazine (a gift from our daughters so we can kick our cooking up a notch now that they are away) while I am on the train home tonight.

I am hungry and getting the urge to eat or cook something. Still have a few stops on the line to make before this train gets me home.

Where do you get your recipes?

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Penultimate stop for this train

The penultimate time this train (#799) sits on the bridge heading via the Dorchester Branch to Franklin.

Realizing as I sit here that I won't be able to keep track of the new bridge either. Oh well.

Hopefully the new schedule will actually run closer to time than this one has due to the construction.

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Franklin Line Schedule Changes 10/27/08

They are adjusting the schedule to "ease congestion" and to "accommodate the recent Amtrak schedule changes".

The MBTA apologizes for the "late notification".

The changes go into effect on Monday 10/27/08. The changes will be available on the MBTA schedule page on Monday. In the meantime, you should know that:

1 - what was known as the 4:10 PM train (#715) will leave South Station at 3:55 PM (15 minutes early)

2 - what was known as the 4:30 PM train (#799) will leave South Station at 4:30 but terminate at Readville running via the Dorchester Branch.

3 - a new train (#717) will leave South Station at 4:20 PM and make stops at Back Bay, Ruggles, Hyde Park, Readville, Dedham Corp, Norwood Depot, Norwood Central, Windsor Gardens, Walpole, Norfolk, Franklin/Dean and Forge Park/495.

Jane Hirshfield: Poetry is

During the recent Dodge Poetry Festival, Jane Hirshfield joined Coleman Barks on the Main Stage Sunday morning with the Paul Winter Consort providing some musical background for their joint reading. She said:
"Poetry is an investigation on what is real; very much like science."

Jane was a wonderful partner with Coleman on Sunday morning. They created a "church like" experience on the Main Stage.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spiders attack!

The spiders have attacked my dinosaur and minature pumpkin!

No spiders, dinosaurs, or pumpkins were harmed in the creation of this picture.

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"make education more fun"

With a little help from friends and bloggers, I'll be launching a new series of programs about the Fun of Teaching and Learning. The programs will include presentations and workshops that focus on the psychology, sociology, and dynamics of fun in learning and teaching.

As advertised, they will be about the fun of teaching as much as the fun of learning, and I hope to offer them at every level of education.

This from the funsmith, Bernie Dekoven at Deepfun where you can get more details and contact info if you are interested.

Bernie's concepts are near and dear to me. I don't believe you can go wrong where there is fun involved!

Martin Espada

Continuing my recap of the recent Dodge Poetry Festival, Martin Espada tells the story of visiting his in-laws house for Thanksgiving. The story is long and I won't do it justice here. Short version, he is not well accepted by the in-laws due to his heritage. He writes a poem about the experience, naturally. When he publishes his book, he includes the poem. He gives a copy of the book to his in-laws. Any problem with that? No, he says:
"The safest place in the world to hide a poem is within the covers of a book."
Martin was a new find for me. I liked the passion with which he read. There was an intensity to his work that created an electric atmosphere where ever he read at the Festival.

I was more selective in buying books in the Festival bookstore, but his new book was one I did bring home:
Alabanza: New and Selected Poems,
You can visit Martin's web site here.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

rain drops on the window, train moving slowly over the one lane Dorchester Branch bridge.

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"We all have that power"

During one of the sessions at the recent Dodge Poetry Festival, Steve Sanfield opened his reading by telling that while he was originally from Lynn, MA, he was living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Coming to Waterloo Village is a little different. He is used to arid and dry but came here to find lush, deciduous greenery. He did not feel comfortable until he smelt a skunk. Now that was something he could recognize.

I was intrigued to hear him. He was featured as a storyteller, yet he also writes haiku. Two extremes of the writing rainbow. He has much to say for us to ponder.

He said:
"Words have great power. We all have that power."
"What it all comes down to is a belief in yourself and your work."

You can find and read some of Steve's haiku here

Monday, October 20, 2008

How about this for a smart pen?

TC_SC_80109aImage by shersteve via FlickrWhen I do my live reporting for the Town Council, School Committee and other Franklin meetings, I have my laptop and MP3 recorder ready and operational. There are times when this would be inconvenient and reverting to simple pen and pad would be easier. This pen, the Pulse from Lightscribe would provide almost the same technology in a smaller form factor.

How does it do it?

Check out this customer testimonial video:

For more information, visit the Lightscribe page here. The 1GB pen lists for $149 and the 2GB pen lists for $199.

This just might be an item to make it to my wish list! The one draw back for me is you do need to use special paper. However, you are not limited to just their stock. You can download and print additional pages on your own.

Thanks to Jeff R for the pointer!
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Mark Doty: Poetry is

Mark DotyImage by ronk53 via FlickrContinuing my recap of fine moments from one of the sessions at the recent Dodge Poetry Festival, I recall Mark Doty saying:

"Writing becomes a way for discovery. Do the opposite of what you know. Write what you don't know - it's a way to find out."
"Bodies are always in danger. Bodies are always on the edge."
"Poetry is a meaning that can't be reduced to anything else."
"Artists try to find a family to fulfill their creative needs."
If you substitute bloggers for artists, this helps to explain how we find each other in the wide world of the internet.

As a special bonus for reading this, why not jump over to Mark's blog and see what he writes there.
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Attention College Bloggers!

Is Your Blog Worthy of a $10,000 Scholarship?

Do you maintain a weblog and attend college? Would you like $10,000 to help pay for books, tuition, or other living costs? If so, read on.

We're giving away $10,000 this year to a college student who blogs. The Blogging Scholarship is awarded annually.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Your blog must contain unique and interesting information about you and/or things you are passionate about. No spam bloggers please!!!
  • U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
  • Currently attending full-time in post-secondary education in the United States; and
  • If you win, you must be willing to allow us to list your name and blog on this page. We want to be able to say we knew you before you became a well educated, rich, and famous blogging legend.

Important Dates:

  • Accepting Submissions: October 15th, 2008
  • Submission Deadline: October 30th, 2008
For more details, click through here to find out the rest!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin light

The afternoon sunlights plays on the house, steps and the pumpkin newly arrived.

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Franklin: Library Book Sale

Franklin: Library Book Sale, originally uploaded by shersteve.

This is being held this year at the DPW garage on Heyward St, Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

2 cents for poverty

Coming out of the recent Blog Action Day, David Zinger is encouraging a campaign to raise money to help fight poverty.

If you blog and want to join the pledge to donate 2 cents per word during the last week of October.

You can read more about the pledge details here.

If you don't blog, no problem, you can still donate to a charity of your choice that will help the cause.

I have taken the pledge and will donate 2 cents for each word written here beginning now. Stay tuned to find out the charity that will benefit from this contribution.

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