Thursday, September 30, 2010

Penn and Brogan at PCB5

In case you missed PodCamp Boston, these two brief videos can provide a sense of the goodness that occurred during the day. This is the opening session with Christopher Penn and Chris Brogan reflecting back on the origins of PodCamp Boston 1 and looking into the future.

In this second segment, if you listen carefully, at one point Chris Brogan says talk to "Sherlock about..." but then he got interrupted and lost his train of thought otherwise we'd have gotten a really nice plug for Job Search Jam Sessions.

Bruce Garber prepared these video segments. You can find other posts from PodCamp looking for the hashtag #PCB5. There is also a wiki being put together to consolidate all the content.

Galway Kinnell to Read Rilke's Duino Elegies

I will miss the Dodge Poetry Festival this year. It seems like it will be another good one. If you are around Newark, NJ, see if you can participate.


Galway Kinnell to Read Rilke's Duino Elegies at the
Dodge Poetry Festival

Rainer Maria Rilke's masterpiece, the Duino Elegies, opens with "Who, if I screamed out, would hear among the hierarchies/of angels?" This haunting and disturbing question begins one of the most influential poetic sequences from the first half of the twentieth century. At times soaring through spiritual heights, at others quietly observant of the earthiest facts, the ten Duino Elegies draw the reader or the listener into an intimate encounter with one of the most curious, questioning and original minds to ever write poetry.
New translations of Rilke's work into English have appeared with increasing frequency over the last eighty years. Festival Poet Galway Kinnell is one of many poets of his generation whose sense of what a poem or poetic sequence could do was deeply affected by his reading of the Duino Elegies. His The Book of Nightmares, also a sequence of ten poems, is, at least in part, a response to Rilke's earlier collection.
Like Rilke, Kinnell is capable of an interior soaring, a delving into the self that goes deeper than notions of self and other. Also like Rilke, he is willing to project himself out into the physical world, into animals, plants, even minerals, and sense our kinship with the nonhuman. For Kinnell, these explorations are not leading in opposite directions: Attention to the things of the earth is attention to the sacred, and we are sacred because we are part of the earth.
Wallace Stevens, commenting on the ancient epics, once wrote that the great poems of heaven and hell had been written, but what was missing was the great poem of the earth. It could be argued that both Rilke and Kinnell have tried to write it. It is no wonder that Kinnell would be drawn to translating Rilke, or that his translation of the The Essential Rilke (with Hannah Liebmann) has been widely praised for its capacity to capture both the earthiness of Rilke's language and the power of his spiritual yearning.

So we are very excited that on Saturday, October 9, at the Dodge Poetry Festival, Galway Kinnell will read his translation of Rilke's Duino Elegies in its entirety. It will mark the first time he has read the entire sequence in performance, and offers the rare opportunity to hear one of the great poetic sequences read by one of our most influential poets.
This is only one of many special events at this year's Festival. Take a few minutes to look over our Festival Program and read the Descriptions of Festival Events to learn more about the variety of Conversations and Festival Poet Readings we have planned for you.
If you haven't purchased your Festival tickets yet, keep in mind that all events this year are taking place in performance venues that, unlike open-sided tents, have fixed seating capacities. If you want to guarantee a seat for the evening events, you should purchase your tickets in advance.

-Martin Farawell, Program Director, Poetry

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

job search notes: Beware - fake LinkedIn invites

Brian Krebs reports:

A major new malware spam campaign mimicking invites sent via business networking site leverages user trust and a kitchen sink of browser exploits in a bid to install the password-stealing ZeuS Trojan.
The spam campaign began Monday morning, according to security experts at networking giant Cisco Systems, and for a while the fake LinkedIn invitations accounted for as much as 24 percent of all spam. Recipients who click links in the message are taken to a Web page that reads, “Please Waiting, 4 seconds,” and then sent on to
The safe work around?
When you receive the email, delete it. Go to your LinkedIn inbox and if there is one there, process it within LinkedIn

It is worth taking the chance

You want to go to Job Search Jam Sessions but you're waiting for the phone call for that interview.

THAT interview. You know. The one that will land you in the dream job and get you off unemployment.

But you really would like to go to Job Search Jam Session. You heard it was such a great time in May.

Folks learned about negotiating, entrepreneurship, networking, resumes and LinkedIn. Someone from the Milford Career Center came to showcase their suite of programs.

It was held in Hopkinton and those who went really liked the event. They asked for more sessions. They asked for a longer day.

Now it is coming on Friday, October 1. A full day with more sessions. And yet you are waiting for that phone call.

You know, there is a way to solve that. You can register via the link below. You can either pay via credit card or select to pay at the door. If you get the phone call you can cancel out your registration and get a full refund (if you paid via credit card).

This is an easy thing to do. All the organizers know how you feel. Torn, frustrated with waiting. But if the phone call comes, you can get a full refund. We understand. We've been there. Some of us are still there. Your interview, your job search takes priority.

We do want you to register if you think you will be able to go so we can plan for the food accordingly. This operation is running on the little income generated by the registration fees. There are no major corporate sponsors. No one is paying for this. You and I are with our contributions of time and money.

Why? Because we can and should do this. Because we are all in this together and by helping each other. By learning, sharing and networking together, we will find the position that we should. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But we will find it.

Register here to take part. If you do get the call about that interview, let us know and you'll get your full refund.

Register for Job Search Jam Sessions 2 in Hopkinton, MA  on Eventbrite

This was also posted to Job Search Jam Sessions here:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

job search notes: Tuesday's insights

Tuesday, already. What have you got planned for today?

Take a few minutes to follow a link or two here.

On working with the different types of recruiters

Tips for those leaving school

9 ways to avoid having the job search advice mess with your head

The Job Search Jam Sessions is coming up Friday. We are up to 37 registrations and the pace seems to have picked up. We have ordered pizza for lunch and will be confirming the number Thursday. If you plan on attending, please register so we have a good headcount for the food.

We will have a special international flavor for the opening introduction to the sessions on Friday. Come on down to see and hear for yourself!

Monday, September 27, 2010

job search notes: be distinct

That is one key way to stand out from the crowd. If you have a creative instinct, you can do something like Biale.konie, an art director, you can do something like this.

How is that for distinct?

Will the Job Search Jam Sessions teach you how to juggle? No, but there will likely be something to spark an idea or two at the upcoming Job Search Jam Sessions, October 1.

Thanks to the Position Ignition Career Blog for the pointer to this video

Register here to take part:

Register for Job Search Jam Sessions 2 in Hopkinton, MA  on Eventbrite

Sunday, September 26, 2010

PodCamp Boston 5 - Blogging 100/101/102

For those who participated in my session Saturday morning, thank you for all the great questions and the conversation that developed during the session. While for some questions, there was no 'silver bullet' answer, I trust you were all satisfied with what we did come up with.

I quoted Stanley Marcus during the session and while I got the intent of his words, I did butcher the quote so here it is to save you from looking for it.
"There are only two things of importance. One is the customer, and the other is the product. If you take care of customers, they come back. If you take care of your product, it doesn't come back. It's just that simple. And it's just that difficult." -- Stanley Marcus

The text and links I could have referenced had the questions gone a different direction can be found here:

If you are interested in the mind map I showed but then didn't need to use, that can be downloaded from here. You will need mind map software to view it. I created with with FreeMind.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Content, conversation, community!

A big day today!

The 5th PodCamp Boston runs today and Sunday. I will be at the Welcome/Registration Desk and am also scheduled for one session on Blogging 100/101/102. The session will go where the participants want to take it. From the beginning to, or off in a related direction.

Why PodCamp?

It is one place where I know that there will be passionate people intently focused on conversation around good content. When you get those two C's (content, conversation), there is a natural outgrowth called community. And when that occurs, it is special!

Friday, September 24, 2010

job search notes: Unemployment Insurance 101

Should unemployment benefits be extended again?
Some folks say no. This should help to clarify the issue around unemployment.

I know from personal experience that these are not easy times. It took me 9 months to secure my first contract and when that expired, another 8 months to secure my second contract. Is that an improvement? Is the recession really over? If it is, we still have a long way to go.


With a little luck, we will be able to have a person from one of the MA Career Development Centers take part to show case the services they provide, as well as an unemployment specialist at the upcoming Job Search Jam Sessions, October 1.

If you are looking for work, Hopkinton is a good place to start. After all, 25,000 runner find their way their to start the Boston Marathon. You should consider starting there to help your job search.

Register here to take part:

Register for Job Search Jam Sessions 2 in Hopkinton, MA  on Eventbrite

Podcamp Boston 5 – Participant Guide

The participant guide for the historic and fabulous PodCamp Boston 5 is available.

Pod Camp Boston 5 Guide

If you are attending, you can review the schedule directly here. To save on paper, we are not printing copies of the guide or schedule.

I will be at the Welcome/Registration desk Saturday and Sunday. I look forward to meeting with you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watchdog Reporting Workshop for Bloggers, Citizen Journalists, and Activists

The New England Center for Investigative Reporting is piloting a powerful one-day training program for citizen journalists, bloggers, and others who want to learn the secrets and tools of professional investigative reporters. It will be held Saturday, October 16th, from 9 to 5 on the campus of Boston University. The session will be taught by Joe Bergantino and Maggie Mulvihill, seasoned, award winning reporters. A full course description and information on our organization appear below. Registration is limited to 20. The cost for this pilot session is $200. To register contact

What would you learn?
At the conclusion of this training you would know:

  • The Big Picture: How to do excellent investigative journalism with limited time and experience. What resources to use. The importance of knowing and using freedom of information laws. Types of stories and investigations that can be done.
  • Using Freedom of Information and Open Records Laws: How to use federal and state laws. How to write an open records request the right way. How to appeal and challenge denials.
  • Effective use of the Internet. What citizen journalists need to know. From better search techniques to the invisible Web, how to find documents and databases, and where to find reliable Web sites that can help you dig deep. The craft of better searching and not wasting time. Handling issues of credibility and ethics online.
  • Creating Paper and database trails. How to find and get documents and data you need for any topic.
  • Dissecting a Business or Non-Profit organization. How to investigate a large or small corporation or non-profit. Where to find information when tracking a company or organization, both in person and online and the key documents to examine.
  • The Art of the Interview. The best ways to approach sources as well as prepare for and handle the interview process. Advice for conducting video interviews for your Web site. Plenty of tips and strategies for handling tough situations, ethical trouble-spots, etc.
  • Computer-Assisted Reporting Hands-on training on using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to analyze specific databases for trends and story ideas.

Who is NECIR?

Democracy depends on a vigorous, free press. As citizens we need reliable, objective and independent information to sustain the common ground of facts we stand on to debate and decide our critical issues. The economics of corporate media can no longer meet this need. The digital revolution has too often left us with too much information and too little trusted common knowledge.

In response to this situation The New England Center for Investigative Reporting, (, a grass roots not-for-profit news organization, was founded by two veteran investigative journalists - Joe Bergantino and Maggie Mulvihill. Our goal is to arm citizens with the information needed to fully participate in the democratic process. NECIR has been working successfully on two major priorities: researching, writing and widely distributing investigative news stories that serve the public interest, and training the next generation of investigative reporters and citizen journalists. You can learn more about our purpose, progress, and people on our website. (

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

job search notes: Free Webinar for Job Searchers

My good buddy, Chris Brogan has this new offering you should be aware of:

human business works update
human business works
JULY 6th, 2010

Free Webinar for Job Searchers

Hi Steve -

I'm writing to invite you to a free webinar I'm giving on Thursday September 30th at 7PM ET (and yes, it will be recorded) on the following:


One in every 10 people in the US (on average) is out of work. Several more are "underemployed." With so many people clamoring for jobs, the traditional methods one uses to find work aren't cutting it.

Join this free webinar conducted by Chris Brogan (perhaps with special guests) to help you get more out of your job search by enhancing your social presence.

It's free to attend, and you're welcome to forward this message to anyone you know who's in the midst of a job search:

Click HERE to register.

Things are ramping up at Human Business Works. We're just about ready to launch our first learning and mentoring community (for nonprofits), and we've got much more to share with you. This is just something we wanted to share because of the way things are going.

I hope to see you at the webinar.


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Chris Brogan
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Take this poster, please!

The poster for the upcoming Job Search Jam Sessions 2. This will be held in Hopkinton, MA on October 1. This is an unconference for the unemployed and under-employed.

Job Search Jam Session 2 - Poster

Yes, please download, printout and post this in as many friendly places as you can find to help spread the word.

The Organizing Team thanks you!

Those who attend will thank you!

Register here to take part:

Register for Job Search Jam Sessions 2 in Hopkinton, MA  on Eventbrite

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Deja Brew - 6 kettle batch

The 'band of brewers' was out Friday night to DejaBrew for our next 6 kettle batch. A great variety this time. In kettles next to each other one recipe called for 2 pounds of grain, the other called for 8. Both beers will be good!

My daughters treated me to a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plains, The brewing they do there is for product development and testing but it is still a working brewery. Their kettles are also stainless steel and the traditional copper clad. They are much larger than the ones at DejaBrew

The brewing process is the basically same, the differences being primarily the size of the equipment they use vs. DejaBrew.

If you have a chance to visit the Sam Adams Brewery for a tour, please do so. It is worth it.

Oh and you do get to sample some beer. We tasted the Boston Lager, Octoberfest and a new one they are testing. It was good.

Friday, September 17, 2010

You can help PodCamp CT

You can help PodCamp Connecticut get out of a classical Catch-22. They are an ad-hoc group trying to run a non-profit event and caught up in the financial restrictions around that.

What can you do?
Commit to attend PodCamp CT on October 16th here and make arrangements to get the $20 to one of the organizers.

Please spread the word they need 50 registrations by Sep 30th.

Thanks for your help!

Fresh Air Fund - NYC Marathon

The Fresh Air Fund is looking for runners and sponsors to join our Fresh Air Fund-Racers team for the NYC Marathon on November 7th. This is a great way to participate in NYC's premier race while helping Fresh Air Fund children.

As you may be aware, over the past four years as a NY Road Runners charity partner for the NYC Half-Marathon, our 325 Fund-Racers have raised close to $400,000 for The Fresh Air Fund! 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

sherku triptych: Knowing

I have a sherku triptych for you today:

Knowing 1

I know that
I don't know all
I need to explore
what I don't know
and should know

Knowing II

There is comfort 
In not knowing 
Until you find out 
Something you should have known

Knowing III

Don’t worry about
What you could have known
Go on with knowing
What you know now 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

job search notes: kindergarten series - teachable moments

Good morning, time for #the5 - Teachable Mementos "exploring the meaning of mementos"
Teachable moments arise all the time. Do you recognize them when they occur? Do you learn from them when they occur?

"the key difference was in their ability to engage" us in Hopkinton Oct 1 for Job Search Jam Sessions! #the5
 If you are aware of what is going on around you, you will be more likely to recognize a teachable moment. By being aware of what is going on, you are engaged in your environment. By being engaged, you are ready to go with the flow. If you have become distracted, you could tune into a conversation and be surprised at the turn it took.

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Flickr YouTube Blogging Blah Blah Blah: Knowing Why You Use Social Media is What Counts #the5
Why do you use a hammer? to set a nail. Why a screw driver? The surface is not appropriate for a nail. What tools do you have in your tool kit?

Evolution of video contest marketing at Cisco "collaborated to share with us the results" #the5
Becoming an expert, a master is reported to take 10,000 hours. Yes, it is not an overnight process. You just can't say "I am an expert" without putting in the time and effort to really master it.

LinkedIn Tips: A Bundle of Them! "a savvy user can already figure out how to do for free"#the5
LinkedIn should be in your job search tool kit. If you are still using it as a single speed bike, there is an opportunity to shift to a multi-speed bike. The 'business-as-usual' environment changed. I hope you have noticed.

What can you share today?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The pattern becomes clear

A bunch of goodness in #the5 links today. From Facebook to disclosures to PodCamp Boston's after party to location and finally to William Gibson's new book. Have you read any of his work? If you haven't start with  Neuromancer. His new book Zero History continues some characters from Pattern Recognition which was the most recent one I had read. Looking up links now, I realize I guess I missed one along the way: Spook Country. I have some reading to do as Zero History completes the trilogy starting with Pattern Recognition!

Video On Claiming Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Places Page "claim your Facebook Places Page" #the5

Disclose This! " turn your disclaimer lemons into lemonade" #the5

Podcamp Boston 5 after party featuring Paul Durham from Black Lab @podcampboston #pcb5 #the5

3 ways to boost your business with location tools's that saying: "location, location, location" #the5

Thank You, William Gibson "I came to the realization that I am not (in fact) an actual person" #the5

What can you share today?

Monday, September 13, 2010

job search notes: kindergarten series - role play and focus

My first full week of work and hence the posting schedule adjusts accordingly, so this is late today. If you have folks in school this week, be kind to them as the week progresses; this is the first five day week of school. The effort and new routine will tax them this week.

Seven Ways to Follow-Up With New People"follow-up with those that you connect with" #the5

The devil is in the details and one of the key details is always concerning follow-up! Practice following up. Imagine making the phone call. It will be easier when you actually do make the call!

For 20 Minutes, Let Yourself Be Baggage Free"u are pretty much FUBAR until u learn 2 put aside ur baggage"#the5
In all the networking I have done in the past two years, particularly on the job hunt, one of the disturbing finds has been folks who complain about not being able to find work. Listening to them, I can say to myself, well I wonder why? Are you showing your baggage?

Share your 5 Photo Stories on Posterous"simple approach to digital storytelling" me: helps to focus the message #the5
Focus is key to good writing, you need to get to the what's in it for the audience. There are many ways to force the content into focus and the 5 story concept sounds good.

Game mechanics for non-profits "how a non-profit might be able to make use" #the5

Why are games so popular? Easy to use (no manual to read). Satisfaction built into them (success brings rewards). Focused on a single objective (focus again!). So why don't you approach your job hunt like a game?

Marketing Over Coffee Newsletter 6: Return to Sender Edition me: a bonus for #the5 

Friday, September 10, 2010

job search notes: Inside Friday #the5

hello Friday, time for #the5 - 5 tips for using Priority Inbox still figuring out how I can adjust to the changes
I have tried the 'to do' list but wasn't happy with it being out of the way. I created labels for "Action" and "NewWork" to keep on task with to do's and follow up. Now I need to figure out how to adjust to use the new features available with the priority inbox

Ira Glass live: review "A place where reason doesn’t necessarily hold sway" #the5
If you don't already listen to "This American Life", I do recommend it. Very thoughtful works. Much better to listen to than the drivel that fills most of the drive time radio waves.

Google Family Safety Center - A Resource for Parents "a top priority for every parent" #the5
I like the concept and will explore this further to see how well they actually do.Creating the appropriate sandbox for your children to play, learn and growth within is critical to your (and their) long term success.

Keep Your To-Do List Handy in Google Chrome me: where do you keep your 'to do' list? #the5
As mentioned above, I had played with the 'to do' listing provided by Google and wasn't happy with it. This tab feature now puts it front and center every time you open a new tab. Overkill? We'll see how it goes for a couple of days.

How Do the Employed/Unemployed Spend Their Time? "nteresting data to ponder, regardless" #the5
The weekly Job Search Work Team at LHH required a report on the total hours spent on the job search. The numbers there conflict with the report but then again, this was a serious group. They were committed to return weekly, committed to help each other, and ultimately would graduate by landing a position. Compared to sitting around and hoping, is there a choice?

As a bonus link: Jason Seiden is quoted on the Job Search Jam Session website today:
Jason Seiden says "Use your story to make an impression " Job Search Jam Sessions Oct 1 #in

What can you share today?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

job search notes: insights from #the5

morning to all, time for #the5 before 'hi ho, hi ho, its off to work I go'
It is good to see ticket sales with minimal notification thus far. The word is just starting to spread and there is still time before October 1. Get your ticket now, help spread the word to your friends and neighbors who maybe looking for work. This day will get them started anew on their job search!
Job Search Jam Sessions: 18 Ways to Build Confidence While Finding a Job start in Hopkinton! #the5
There are multiple opportunities just around New England. PodCamp Boston 5, PodCamp Connecticut, PodCamp New Hampshire, the list goes on... oh and of course, the just mentioned Job Search Jam Sessions
5 Reasons Your Business Should be Sponsoring Social Media Events me: there are opportunities! #the5
GregBD is on the road with a good start. How is your self care?
Developing a Self Care Consciousness: Newly Single, Passion, Fully Engaged and the Fine Art of Self Care #the5
Physical access is a great line of defense followed by passwords or access cards. How strong is your password?
The Usibility of Passwords me: where strength really matters! #the5
Once access is achieved, it may not make much of a difference if the data is also encrypted. Then there is another layer of access required - the encryption key!
New Release: Data Encryption 101 for PCI free download, good info #the5 do you know how safe your data is?
What can you share today?