Monday, November 28, 2016

"the shortest path is still a crooked line"

reflections on the path that got us here, was it a straight line or crooked line?

"As vice president of Thomson Reuters Labs, Mona M. Vernon heads up a growing global network of data scientists who can mine vast amounts of information, helping business clients identify unexpected ways to make money or find hidden details that can make or break major deals. In a world increasingly obsessed with the power of “Big Data,” that sounds like an alpha geek’s dream job. But Vernon jokes that she actually used to be much cooler. 
After emigrating from France to the United States to attend Tufts University, Vernon worked in a machine shop, crunched numbers on Wall Street, managed and performed in bands, spun records as a DJ, exhibited paintings, and overhauled lasers. And then she figured it was time to get a graduate degree. 
The Globe spent a few minutes diving into that winding path with Vernon, 41, at the Boston headquarters of Thomson Reuters Labs, a startup-inspired space at the data and news company’s Seaport offices."

a view of the former Hancock tower, now 200 Clarendon St
a view of the former Hancock tower, now 200 Clarendon St

The quote comes from a Daryl Purpose song, the title song of his album "A Crrooked Line"

Saturday, November 12, 2016

election reflection 2016

with no mandate, only a majority of the Electoral College, governing the USA will get more challenging. Civil discourse is called for, now more than ever.

how far does your shadow cast?
how far does your shadow cast?