Saturday, September 30, 2006

Paul Winter Consort

The Paul Winter Consort opened and closed my Day 3 at the Dodge Poetry Festival. They accompanied Coleman Barks for Rumi this morning. Played a second set on their own immediately after, and then did more individual interludes during the evening session before the full group closed out the day with a rousing participatory chorus of "Common Ground".

A fitting end to a full day.

I do not believe I will have time to post until after I get home late on Sunday. I will be loading the quick play list for the ride with all instrumental CD's. I love words but I am just about full and will need to time to reflect.

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Dodge Poetry Festival - Day 3

Ah, is that all there is?

Not really.

The seat presumably was for the guard to ensure that only the staff and poets entered the tent just to the edge of the camera angle. But as pictured was too good to pass by.

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Dodge Poetry Festival - Day 2

Ah so much to talk about, so little time at the moment.

The highlight of the afternoon was easily the poetry sampler; 19 poets with about 5 minutes each, enchanting us with their words.

The evening; Kurtis Lamkin and Sekou Sundiata show us what it is to explore the music of words and music mixed/inter-twined/interwoven with words.

The morning is what I'll leave you with. It is morning here now, and Rumi's birthday is going to be celebrated with Coleman Barks reading and the Paul Winter Consort playing. But that starts soon. Yesterday Billy Collins took the main stage and explored the definitions of poetry which he collects like some might collect plastic monkeys to put with the other monkeys in their monkey room.

Enjoy this picture for the moment.

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words.

My word well is filling up with thoughts and images to share.

I just need time to draw from it.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

The scorecard

It's my father's fault.
answers to math questions in an instant
Cost accountant, meticulous rows of figures
kept score for the family card games
columns of names and numbers
tallied for the winners and players
diabetic diary, daily food intake
peanut butter toast, mashed potatoes
dog eared book, calories for each
so I'm at the festival
scribbling who spoke in order
what poem was read
can go back to 2004, 2002 even
words, images, scenes called forth
and the festivals come alive
Bly on the mound, Barks at bat, 
Paul Winter on deck, early morning Rumi
the pitch, and it' s a home run!
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Go west young man!

While Horace Greeley is credit with popularizing this phrase, John B. L. Soule actually crafted it first.

In any case, youngster at heart that I am, I did head west today toward Stanhope, New Jersey and the Dodge Poetry Festival being held at Waterloo Village.

I did take some more photos but on the road heading into the setting sun, they did not come out too well. I should ge better photos during the Festival.

Stay tuned, there is more to come!

What was the best advice you ever received?

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Light blogging alert

The festival is being held at Waterloo Village. I do not expect to find wireless in the recontructed 1830's village. I do have internet access at the hotel so I should be able to post some pictures and quick updates at the beginning and end of each day.

The Hitchhiker queue is full of blogs and writers and entries to check out from the Joyful Jubilant Learning taking pace at Talking Story this month.

You should continue to check in. I'll have something here but maybe not as frequently as I normally do.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Allie's Room

Tabblo: Allie's Room

This is Allie's room on campus as she gets into her junior year at Assumption. We went to visit yesterday as she was having a dinner party. This is not anything like the dorms that were on campus when I was there some 30 years ago.

Yes, times have indeed changed and for the better in this case.

Below left is a view of the common area. Allie has one of the two single rooms. There are also two doubles in the suite for a total of six living together.

The bottom right is a close up of one of the common room walls with some of Allie's art work.


... See my Tabblo;

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dodge Poetry Festival - Meet up

I will be at the Dodge Poetry Festival later this week. If you are also going to be there, let's arrange to meet up somewhere at Waterloo Village.
Drop me an email or comment and we can begin to work out the details.
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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Utility Pole Short cut

Tabblo: Utility Pole Shortcut

I thought it odd when we came to Franklin that the utility poles were in the street instead of on the side walk. As the streets get re-done, the poles are getting moved off the street to the side walk. The first picture shows both the new pole and the old pole.

One would think that with the new pole, the various utility companies would come to move the lines. No, not along Union Ave anyway. The bottom two pictures show that they have cut the pole bottom away and attached the top to the new pole. A short cut!

I guess they can do this. I wonder how long it will last?

... See my Tabblo;

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Questions of Synergy - Summary

Rosa posed 5 questions.
I provide five answers, one per question.
Now you can join in to add your own comment or answer.
How will our LEARNING STYLES and HABITS have to EVOLVE so that the web communications of our future serve to POWER partnerships, teams, groups and communities?          The answer to Question 1 


TOPIC HIT LISTS: There’s been a lot of talk of Web 2.0 and Globalization 3.0… What is it we’ll all have to learn to remain in the know and to feel we’re caught up and not left behind?           The answer to Question 2


Have you been patting yourself on the back because you’re a part of blogging communities and are among the web savvy who “get it?” Don’t rest on your laurels; what do you think we’ll have to keep learning about WRITING, CITIZEN PUBLISHING and BLOGGING? The answer to Question 3


RELATIONSHIP ESSENTIALS: We talk about the value of relationships with good reason. What are the things we will still need to learn from each other, and only from each other?
The answer to Question 4

Personal GOALS: How do you suppose you’ll have to change your m.o. to learn with others, and in teams or partnerships? What can’t you learn on your own, at least not as well, and not as effectively? What are the goals you’re setting for yourself now so you can keep up? The answer to Question 5

What do you think?


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Go Revolution!

The Revolution took a 2-0 victory this evening playing on the New York Red Bulls home field. The Red Bulls do not let visitors win there often but the Revs did it tonight.
They stuck to the basics. They played quick, defensive, one touch soccer and made good with their opportunities.
Shalrie Joseph, their midfield marshal, is out with a hand injury so he did not play but the others stepped it up big time tonight. Andy Dorman always a hard worker got a great goal for his effort tonight. Jeff Larentowicz and Joe Franchino were superb on defense. Joe made a couple of moves that surprised a few folks. He is not normally so light footed.
Way to go Revs!
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Spiderweb catching dew

Spiderweb catching dew
Originally uploaded by

Another photo from last Saturday's walk. The spider was quite industrious in putting this one together but it has only caught some dew at this time.

Have you had a great effort and it not turn out the way you want?

Stay with it, keep to what you know, eventually it will come through!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The completed wall and fence

The completed wall and fence
Originally uploaded by

I had taken some pictures of this wall as it was being built a few weeks ago. The viewpoint then was further along and looking back to where the camera is now. It is almost complete now. The landscaping along the top of the fence in the school yard remains to be done.

The intersection at the corner of Union and Route 140 will be shut sometime soon to do the work needed there.

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Red sky at morning

Red sky at morning
Originally uploaded by

I think last week was the best time to catch the sunrise while waiting for the train down at Franklin Station. On this day, the clouds reflected the light in a wonderful way and this was the best of several shots I took.

Alas, this week, it is darker while waiting as the sun is rising later each day, and the days shorten approaching the winter solstice in December.

Yes, we are already in the middle of September. Time is just flying by!

I hope you are all having as much fun as I am.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Podcast Session Notes

These are the notes I put together to help me talk my way through my first podcast. I wanted to add links to them and ran out of time the other night.

What better way to explain PodCamp and show what I learned than to create my own pod cast
So bear with me, this is my first. Let's go exploring together

One question I asked many I met was, how did they hear of PodCamp? The answers showed a variety of sources but all were from some posting somewhere. The six degrees of separation were very much in evidence. I heard of PodCamp via Rosa Say, Ho'ohanna, Chris Brogan, found the wiki, explored links
Emailed to arrange to obtain an Adam Weiss podcasting starter kit which I picked up on Saturday

PodCamp is an Unconference, participation rules
It was free, in Boston, I had to be there
Instead of setting up a session, I am a newbie after all in podcasting and video blogging
Although I have blogged for two years, my blogversary this Friday
I decided to help by volunteering to work the registration desk
I know customer service, I know process and work flows, this should be easy and a way to help
My experience at the registration desk was great, I'll go into more detail some other time

A snap shot summary of each of the sessions I attended


The first session with Steve Garfield
Ease of capturing the moment, no editing, simple upload and publish
Important sites to help hipcast,, YouTube, podzinger, audacity
Links off with how info on podcasting and video blogging

Second session with CC Chapman and Mitch Joel
A delightful session on branding, your personal brand equals a conversation
Its all about who knows you
Note: Not like when we were kids and told not to talk to strangers, the key to networking is to take that first step talk with a stranger and soon he/she won't be a stranger any longer, so much in common

Third session with Henry Houh from PodZinger
Spin off from BBN, separate company
slick software scans audio/video cast, does a speech to text translation, allows for search, results point to a position within the file where the text (spoken word) was referenced
80-90% successful, still work to do, have some thousands of feeds, not sure if it is al the feeds, may require a registration for the scan
Takes 5-6 hours from posting to enable the text to be searchable

Session with Andrew Baron of Rocketboom
Multiple streams of thought came together for this
Andrew diagramed influential sectors of the internet
Personal fulfillment (myspace); geek/tech; 9-5 office folks; newbie (take action); all these are centered around FUN, or as modified later 'delight'
Purpose of the internet: information, entertainment, belonging (added by J Sprool)

Session on gear talk with David Berland/CNET
Good technical info, lots of advice and the perspective within which to frame it.
KeDavid david is to record when he has the opportunity, therefore needs dependabilitportabilitylility, price is less an object but still cost conscious

Session on podcasting the Constitution with Ira Krakow
Interesting bits came from this
Last declared war was against Japan on Dec 8, 1941
Supreme court ruled 8-1 for the internment of the Japanese, one of the worst court decisions based upon law
The session eventually started breaking down into a political discussion and true to the unconference, I let my feet do their thing and walked out of the room.

I did have to head home to pick up my wife and go to the Revolution soccer game that night. I was going to miss the conference dinner party. Oh well, next time. I at least got some party time at Harvard on Friday's kick off.


Session with Chris Brogan on content networks
Used the analogy of the newspaper, each individual article is the equivalent of the blog, combined become the paper, blogwise combined become the content network
Little did I know, I am my own content network

Session with Laura Allen on the 15 second pitch
Very similar to the TomPeters/Seth Godin challenge I did last year
She has a four step process to get to the 7 words I developed
You can see my 7 word answer in 'My Value Add' link on the left column of my blogs.

Session with Leesa Barnes
Discussion around limited edition podcasts
Keep to 10 episodes
Relative to the 7-10 touch points to get to 'yes' in the sales cycle
Interesting note: Directories tending to get ranked higher than the blog itself

Session on identity with Shava Nerad of the Tor Project
Variations of identity reviewed
Strong identity, pseudoidentity, soft anonymity, strong anonymity,
Pluses and minuses of each

Session with Steve Garfield
Created three short videos for the ze frank show
Improvisational, group work, team work, collaboration, execution
Great fun...

Session with John Herman
Video as art
Discussion on how we view video, what the influences are

So was it worth it?
It was, I met so many folks, had so many conversations
I really could summarize it like that master card commercial
One hour to drive, parking free, admission free, experience - priceless!

Let's go back to the CC Chapman and Mitch Joel session on branding
They had only just met in person that morning. They had blogged, commented, emailed, talked but not met, And their presentation together was a slick as if they had been doing it all their life. To an extent they had. The front line conversation is important, but the back channel is even more important to develop the relationship.

'Be you, others are already taken' Mitch quote blogged about already

You've read my writing, now you hear me for the first time. Let me know? Was this podcast worth it?

Add a comment, send me an email, and we'll take it from there!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Open the doors

In this week's post Patti writes:
Please open the mudroom door for Tycho, where “mudroom” equals “whatever you can do to make life more humane and comfortable and easier” and where “Tycho” reads “important person or being in your life.”
Read the signs before you, not behind you, not after you. People act differently when they are in pain—look for causes, not blame. Hold open the door for someone today, and every day.
Click through to read the full posting.
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Blogversary Day

Yes, hard to believe it was two years ago that I posted my first to Steve's 2 Cents. There have been 940 more post here since that first more and if we count the other blogs in my suite of writing (check the left side bar); I have created over 1,600 posts in two years.

I can't provide any stats on the total number of comments I have left along the trail. Since I started using CoComment earlier this year, they tell me I have left over 300. At least now I can keep in touch with them and continue the conversation. They used to disappear like the bread trail Hansel & Gretel left in the woods.

I am continuing to learn something each day and that is keeping me inspired to write, and share, and talk about what I find. You may have noticed I posted my first podcast recapping the weekend experience at PodCamp Boston. It was historic and quite memorable. I am glad to have taken part in it.

I have much more to write about so stick around. I'll be posting at Talking Story on Monday as part of the Joyful Jubilant Learning 2006 taking place there. I want to update my "How I Blog" posting from last year. The Dodge Poetry Festival is a couple of weeks away. There is so much happening, it is exciting to be part of it.

Thank you for coming here to read and share your comments and emails.

I am coming to understand that this 'back channel' communication is probably more important that this 'front channel' published here. That is where our relationships can really develop. The two need to be together. As you have read before about the Power of We, one plus one is more than three!

Every little day the world's brand new,
the sun comes up and the clouds roll through.
Everything else is just up to you.
Every little day the world's brand new. Greg Greenway

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

PodCamp Recap

What better way to show what I learned at the recent PodCamp Boston than by doing my first podcast. Come along and explore a recap of the sessions I attended over the two day event.

I hope you enjoy this. I am looking forward to your feedback.

Total time = 00:17:31

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pod Camp Anthem

Another in the series of classics destroyed was just published over at Tertiary Education.

I hope Frank does not rollover too far and fall out.

For a sample of an earlier rendition, see Cracklin Rosa

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Monday, September 11, 2006


On the Franklin train platform Monday morning waiting for commuter rail train # 704 to Boston I overheard a conversation that I thought mentioned Borderland St Park. When the lady waked away from the gentlemen who had mentioned this, I took the opportunity to ask him about Borderland. Yes, he had gone there yesterday to walk his two white German Shepherds. The weekend before they had walked on a different trail, the dogs had found something in the woods and taken off. He went after them and ended up getting scratched up going through the shrubs and underbrush. He stuck to the trails yesterday. You may recall that we have been there previously to watch the high school cross country meets. It is a wonderful place, one of the hidden gems in MA.

Another commuter buddy asked where it was. It is in Easton. It was once one of the Ames family estates. The Ames family had made their money the real way by making shovels. Yes, in the early 1800’s the major construction projects all were dug by hand. The Erie Canal, the transcontinental railway, these were all done with manual labor. Usually Irish but over time other ethnic groups had their turn at the handle as well. The Ames family was Protestant but one of them married a Catholic and this branch of the family land ended up becoming Stonehill College. She had not been well accepted by the remainder of the family so she turned the land over to the church when her husband (the Ames connection) passed away.

I commented; see the politics around religion goes way back. Another commuter buddy chimed in that while he is French he initially had trouble when he brought the woman who was to become his wife home to meet the family. She was Irish. The Irish at the time were taking the mill work from the French and causing great hardship. It was not that long ago for something very similar to have occurred in my own family tree. My father is Irish, my mother French Canadian. When they got married, my mother's father did not go to the wedding. My maternal grandfather went to Mass daily at St Ceclia’s in Pawtucket, RI because they said mass there in French, and just as because God spoke French. He did not have anything to do with his daughter until I came along a couple of years later.

It was this last part of the story that struck me differently this morning. I have told the story several times before. But this time the realization came that this single event maybe the root of my nature as a connector. I make connections between things, between people. I foster the network and let the net work. I also found out this weekend at PodCamp Boston that I am my own content network. Little did I know? Thanks for helping me figure that out Chris!

I have much to catch up on but if I don't get my beauty sleep, life becomes difficult.

Catch you all later!

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Heat of Summer Carnival Winners

There was some delay in making the final announcement but the word is out now on the winners of the Heat of Summer Carnival over at 100Bloggers.
--- soapbox alert ---
I think I deserve a raise. I nominated 2 of the 3 winners! Batting with that kind of average should be worth a few more zeros, right! Of course, zero and zero is still zero.
--- end of soapbox alert ---
Congratulations to Patti, to Heather, and to Ronni. You all had great entries!
Keep up the good writing. You help make the blogosphere a wonderful place to visit.
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lunch time Saturday

Lunch time
Originally uploaded by

What happened during lunch at PodCamp? Well as you can see here, while eating, there were a whole lot of conversations going on. The buzz in the room was tremendous.

And none of the buzz was about Rocketboom Squared.

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PodCamp - ze frank video workshop

Steve Garfield created a session for Sunday afternoon to do a video workshop and create something for ze frank. The first result of that collaborative effort is now available. There are two additional pieces that were prepared that are forthcoming.

It was great fun! Hope you all enjoy this.

For those who may not be familiar with ze frank may I suggest these two to get you started: Caution content for the openminded.

Ride the fire eagle danger day


Updated: 9/12/06

our piece on the "fire eagle danger day"

our intro with ideas for ze

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Video & Pix for PodCamp Boston

Running late to get my own pictures up but you can check out some of the others who have already posted their pix and vids.

For a good sample of the day's events, see Beth's Blog:

Go to the source at the PodCamp Blog:

Joanne Colan interviews Chris Brogan and Christopher S. Penn with video and commentary by Steve Garfield.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rocket Squared

Well, well... how does one sum up a day like today? Let me try. It was more than I anticipated. It was a good dealing of sharing, meeting folks, talking blogs, communicating, audiences, etc.
Oh, and where else would you find both Amanda and Joanne in the same room? It was not an issue, I don't mean to make it an issue so don't go there. It was a highlight of the day to see two very visible ladies in the same room together.
I shook Joanne's hand as she came into the registration desk where she wrote out her tag and picked up her t-shirt. Remind me not to wash my hand for a while... (just kidding).
I had to miss the dinner tonight as I have season tickets to the NE Revolution game soon. So more on the conference (and pictures) later!
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Friday, September 08, 2006

PodCamp Kicks off at Harvard

Yes, I got to meet some of the folks personally tonight and will get to meet many more on Saturday. We were warmly welcomed at the Berkman Center at Harvard with a nice spread of hors 'oeuvres and liquid refreshment. Name tags helped get the conversations going and the buzz in the room was good and solid. Chris Penn has his summary here.
Met and talked (not necessarily in order) with Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, Jon Petit, Dan Jalkut, Chris MacDonald, Jim Moore... and last but not least Sooz (whom I'll be helping with the registration desk) in the morning. I think I may have missed someone or two along the way(Mental reminder to take better notes during the discussions).
Now, I need to get some beauty sleep, I expect there to be cameras and microphones a plenty tomorrow to be fresh and ready for.
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Thursday, September 07, 2006

PodCamp Preparations

There is no time like the present to make those last minute preparations for the PodCamp Boston unconference this weekend.
Don't just show up, be ready!
I look forward to meeting you there.
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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Interview: A.J. McCaffrey, author of Fractalia

We have a special treat today. I recently wrote a review of the book Fractalia, Episode 1, Reversing the Tipping Point and we have an opportunity to talk with the author, A.J. McCaffrey.
What genre would you categorize this book in? Fantasy, science fiction, or?

It leans more toward science fiction in my opinion because I put a lot of physics and math into how the world works (especially fractal geometry and chaos theory). For example, an unsolved puzzle spreads chaotic energy that can mutate plants, start earthquakes, or cause storms. Solving the puzzle with a clever solution can release enough energy to reverse these things back to a balance between chaos and order. Also, almost everything in the world is fractal, from its canyons right down to the ear lobes and hair of its residents. That's right, Fractalians, Talians for short, have fractal hair. In sum, there is a lot of thought behind the physics and math of the world so this moves it toward the science fiction genre.

Does the genre make a difference?

Ultimately though, I don't think the genre makes that much of a difference, whether its fantasy or science fiction. At its core, the book is about good guys trying to outdo bad guys to win back their world, but instead of swords or lasers their medium of battle is puzzles. However, all the interesting features in Fractalia sure give the world more allure, mystery, and a sense of reality that it would not have without them. I know this from presentations I have given in front of middle-schoolers. The puzzles are fun by themselves but when I start talking about fractal canyons, glowing mountain ranges, and energy traps that are blown apart by clever answers, these things take their interest to a whole new level.
Yes, it is a different world. One of the difficulties of doing a book in a new world (versus a recognized or common world) is that you (the author) need to develop the world as well as the story line without the world development hindering the story line. How concerned were you with this?
I never considered placing the story in a common world. I have been fascinated by fractals and chaos theory for many years and I knew that I had to try to construct a world that worked by these principles. The main concern I had with creating the new world was that the action at the beginning of the first book would move more slowly because of all the things about the new world that had to be introduced. You try to keep the action moving but you do need to introduce many new things. It is a balance that is difficult to achieve. The feedback I have received from several readers indicates that there is a good deal to learn in the first forty pages but then the adventure really takes off and after they were done reading they wanted to read more. They wanted more puzzles. They wanted to know more about the characters and what happens next. So, I cannot say that I achieved the perfect balance at the beginning but the fact that they do want more and are asking for the next book indicates that overall it is working.
Having just recently finished Fractalia, I can agree with that. The story really takes off once the teenagers meet up with the Talians. At the beginning, I did not find it so slow going that I wanted to leave the story though. There was enough happening at the start to keep me interested.
Let talk about the puzzles: What is an outtie?
Just like bellybuttons, there are two types of puzzles: innies and outties. Most puzzles are innies that converge inward to one right answer. Outties open out to a potentially unlimited number of answers. I believe that outties are the next frontier in puzzles. Not only are outties used in Fractalia, but I am also developing a line of board games based on different types of outties.
How did you come about developing them?
The idea first came to me at a party. As I milled about the room past groups engaged in various conversations, I heard a line that took me aback as being almost nonsensical, but all the members of that conversation took it in stride as making perfect sense within their conversation. (I don't remember what that first line was.) After that, I started giving highly ambiguous sentences to my middle-school students and asking them to create as many different situations as they could where the sentence would make sense. For example, I know of 27 different situations in which “There are dreams on the sidewalk” makes perfect sense, but you'll have to read the book or go to my blog to see the answers. As well as creating many types of linguistic outties, I also create visual outties that are highly ambiguous doodles that can be seen as many different things.
I have had some fun with the outties. They are good to stir the creative side. I can see them being used in a variety of ways. There seems to be a master plan for all of this. Did the work on Episode 1 change anything in the master plan?
Not really. I just tried to open up as many avenues as possible for future episodes to explore knowing that they will all lead someday to an ultimate showdown between the villain Kayoz and our young heroes.
So now, when can the readers expect to see Episode 2?
Here's the scoop on Episode 2. Currently, an animation company in Toronto is interested in turning Fractalia into a cartoon series for Canadian television. They advised me to write only episode one because they will be adapting the world to animation and will probably make some changes. After their adaptation, then I can move ahead on the next episode. However, if they are slow in moving ahead on their end then I will ignore their advice and write the second episode.
There are risks with that I am sure you are aware of. Part of the joy of Lord of the Rings was that each of us had the world picture in our minds. One of the early cartoon versions did not do well simply because it differed in the depiction of some of the major characters whereas the movie succeed with a more accurate portrayal (oh and the computer graphics certainly played a major role in making the whole task possible).  Is their a particular kind of reader you had in mind when you created Fractalia?
Fractalia is for kids who feel confined by their school classroom. In Fractalia, the 'zeroes' on Earth become the heroes of Fractalia. The trouble-making underachievers that we meet in a detention room become the superstars in Fractalia. As a teacher, I know how difficult it is to create a classroom that reaches every student so I created Fractalia to help me. In Fractalia, you have to think 'outside the box' because everything is so different there and the puzzles don't have one right answer. Some students naturally think 'outside the box' and have trouble finding a voice in their classrooms that tend to teach toward one right answer. So, Fractalia is primarily for them to spread their wings and shine in a world created with them in mind. But, Fractalia is also for other students who have trouble thinking creatively because the puzzles in it will help them think 'outside the box.' So, there is something in Fractalia for everyone.
I can also agree with that. I enjoyed Fractalia and can hardly wait for Episode 2. In the mean time, we can practice some outties on your blog: Fractaliathebook.
Thank you A.J. for taking some time with us today. Let me know when you get closer to having a date to publish Episode 2. I certainly want to know and I am sure some others will be interested in finding out.
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Synergy & Learning

With the month's postings already covered by guest authors, you might think that Rosa could sit back, relax and plan her next effort.

Not likely!

She has thrown down the challenge to the Team Synergy to answer 5 questions exploring learning.

What are we back in school?

Well, we do get to choose. And there is no time like the present to make a choice.

So do I have to?

Of course, it should be good. Jump on over to the Team Synergy blog and pick a question. Above all else, have fun with it!

My thinking cap is on so stay tuned for what I come up with.
Let's see, five choices... hmmm

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Mother and daughter reunion

Not as sad and mournful a song as Paul Simon has sung. We took a trip into Boston yesterday as Dolores had missed out on the moving in day already reported here and she wanted to see Carolyn's room.

Dolores had been busy with her new friends in kindergarten at Oak Street School, Franklin. The first couple of days are very important for kindergarteners. Franklin has half the class come one day, the second half come the next and this past Friday, was the day the whole class was together for the first time. A nice way to do this. It allows both the class and the teacher to settle into the new routine gradually.

So with mother and daughter smiling, this was a happy day (despite the rain).

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

A "Thank You" to my readers/visitors

August showed a tripling in visitors for this blog. Yes, three times the amount of visitors versus each of the previous several months. The amount of visitors is modest by most standards but getting a three-fold increase is still worthy of a big
thank you
I trust that you found what you were searching for when you came here.
I hope that you enjoyed your stay.
I hope you will return in September and beyond.
Much is happening during September that will be posted here and on the suite of blogs where I write.
  • I will participate in PodCamp Boston, Sep 9-10. And then who knows when the first podcast will be?
  • I will celebrate my second blogversary on September 15th. May be a good time for a podcast?
  • I am scheduled to run the Crackerbarrell 5K in Wrentham on Sep 16th. This course was the scene for my PR last year. More will be covered on Passionate Runner as I prepare.
  • I do my posting for the Joyful Jubilant Learning 2006 on September 18th and I will be commenting and highlighting the conversations as they progress through the month here and on Tertiary Education, "where commencement begins every day".
  • I will be going to the Dodge Poetry Festival Sep 28-Oct 1. Most of the recap for this event will probably end up here although some of the event specific results will be posted on Passion for the Good Customer Experience.
  • In amongst these events, I'll try to continue "exploring the long tail" and posting those findings on the Hitchhikers Guide to the Blogosphere.
  • It is Rosa's turn to lead Team Synergy for our September discussion so I am expecting something good there to write about.
  • OneWebDay is coming up September 22. I have a proposal for 100Bloggers to see if they want to get involved in this new event.
There should be something for you to stop by again during September.
Thank you!
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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Team Synergy went Blog Tipping

As many of you are aware, I am part of Team Synergy and we went a blog tippin' again Sep 1st.
You can see the results of our efforts here.
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Friday, September 01, 2006

Moving Day - 9/1/06

Tabblo: Moving Day - 9/1/06

Moving in day for the Northeastern Class of 2011. Views from Carolyn's room above and to the left. On the right, Carolyn is unpacking. ... See my Tabblo>