Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dodge Poetry Festival - Day 2

Ah so much to talk about, so little time at the moment.

The highlight of the afternoon was easily the poetry sampler; 19 poets with about 5 minutes each, enchanting us with their words.

The evening; Kurtis Lamkin and Sekou Sundiata show us what it is to explore the music of words and music mixed/inter-twined/interwoven with words.

The morning is what I'll leave you with. It is morning here now, and Rumi's birthday is going to be celebrated with Coleman Barks reading and the Paul Winter Consort playing. But that starts soon. Yesterday Billy Collins took the main stage and explored the definitions of poetry which he collects like some might collect plastic monkeys to put with the other monkeys in their monkey room.

Enjoy this picture for the moment.

A picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words.

My word well is filling up with thoughts and images to share.

I just need time to draw from it.

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