Monday, August 22, 2016

NE Revolution doldrums

Thoughts on the local soccer team and their troubles in losing the last four league games including the last two at home without scoring a goal.

from a recent NE Revs game
from a recent NE Revs game

correction, the -17 goal differential is correct but the totals should be 29 and 46 (not 30 and 47)


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Change management (audio)

Reflections on the intersections of change management and project management

construction sign in Franklin
construction sign in Franklin

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Well, it is about time! (audio)

catching up after several weeks away from here....

well needed rain coated some leaves on the walk this morning
well needed rain coated some leaves on the walk this morning

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Another 6 kettles but who knows where June went?

Yes, it has been a while. What happened to June?

The "Band of Brewers" did get to bottle on June 6th which I missed due to business travel but I was able to join them to bottle on June 30.

Here are the cap codes for the current set of six kettles

A = Ayeska Alt Our version of Alaska Brewing' Alaskan Amber.. Awesome
G = Goibniu A Great rendition of a true Scottish Ale
P = Poon IPA Keith's version of a great IPA made in Boston. It's great, who needs Boston?
PP = Potbelly Pilsner A very drinkable beer. A nice fruity flavor with a nice dry bite
(blank) Sam's Dam Yummy ACBBD – A sweeter version of Stunner
SW = Summer Wheat It's a close resemblance to Owen O'leary's summer wheat

a case from the current batch
a case from the current batch

and the updated tally of the 286 kettles, 138 unique brews.

Beer Total
Stunner 17
Blueberry Ale 15
Hearty Christmas Ale 10
Lawnmower Lager 7
Llevar Porter 7
Evil Santa's Ale 6
Pumpkin Ale 6
Steel Rail Pale Ale 6
Downtown Brown 5
Goibniu 5
Sammy's Octoberfest 5
Bassalope 4
Double Scotch Ale 4
Dunrovin Stout 4
Hirschgarden Marzen 4
Light Irish Stout 4
Lobster Claw 4
McTartan’s Scotch Ale 4
Off Kilter Scotch 4
Wachusett Pale 4
Killer Honey Ale 3
Nessie Scotch Ale 3
Oktoberfest Beir 3
Rusty Anchor Lager 3
Tim’s Dim Wit Bier 3
Winter Jubilee Barley Wine 3
Balance Rock Red 2
Bavarian Pilsner 2
Castle Brown Ale 2
Chocolate Cream Stout 2
Crazed & Confused 2
Dave's Red 2
Dean Park Pilsner 2
Death Star II: Return of the Citra 2
Deja Fest 2
Down Under Lager 2
Fuggle Ambrosia 2
Fuggle Imperial IPA 2
German Dry 2
Gnarly Barley Wine 2
Harvest Spice 2
Honey Summer Ale 2
Howling Honey Ale 2
Mile High Lager 2
Old Man Winter Ale 2
Old Tyme Winter Warmer 2
Olde English Strong Ale 2
Piper Scottish Ale 2
Potbelly Pilsner 2
Red Head Ale 2
Red Tail Ale 2
Scotch Ale 2
Summer Wheat 2
Thoroughbred Red 2
Top Drop Dopplebock 2
Uncle John’s Stout 2
Worcester County Bitter 2
12 Honey Ale 1
A Great BOD 1
Abbott's Weizenbock 1
Ayeska Alt 1
Baltic Porter 1
Bawstin Lager 1
Beaver Back Pale 1
Big heart IPA 1
Big Safari Amber Ale 1
Borde Ttown Lager 1
Broken Spring 1
Bubba Jugs Pale Ale 1
Budman's best 1
C U Latour Boch 1
California Dreaming 1
Chestnut Brown 1
Deja Wide Stout 1
DejaDave's Summerfest 1
Der Racecar Red 1
Ding A Ling 1
Doggie Style Stock Ale 1
Drunken Monk Ale 1
Dublin’s Half 1
Emperor stout 1
Eric’s Imperial Stout 1
Eye of the Chicken Hawk 1
Fall's Lager 1
Forest Fire Red 1
Fruhling Fest 1
Gene's IPA 1
Gnomey's Pilz 1
Great White Golden 1
Greg’s Big Head Stout 1
Harry's Brown IPA 1
Hazelnut Brown Ale 1
Helles Lager 1
Hi Ho Silver 1
High Sierra Pale 1
Honey Ginger Madness 1
Honey Snap Lager 1
Hungarian Accent 1
Iron Man IPA 1
Jeff Beck Lager 1
Jumping Jack Porter 1
Kick Ass Pale Ale 1
Klawtobier 1
Laberis Liberty Barley Wine 1
Lapierre Big Red 1
Leftover IPA 1
Ludwig Brau 1
Madras Pale 1
Malcolm’s Mild 1
Maple Stout 1
Miner’s Bock 1
O’Malleys Irish Stout 1
Oak Island Bitter 1
Oatmeal Stout 1
Octoberfest Bier 1
Old Peculiar 1
Old World Lager 1
Poon IPA 1
Queen Bee Lager 1
Raspberry Wheat 1
Ray's Bock 1
Red Eye Ale 1
Red Rider Ale 1
Red Rock Bock 1
Rocket Bock 1
Ron’s Redhook ESB 1
Rye Blonde 1
Salzburg Dunkel Weiss 1
Sam’s Damn Yummy 1
Sammy's Summer 1
Sam's Dam Yummy 1
Saranick's Black & Tan 1
SN Robust Porter 1
Special Delivery Ale 1
Sturz Strong Ale 1
Sweet Cream Ale 1
The Rock 1
Vollbeir Wheat 1
Grand Total 286

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

brief thoughts on this Memorial Day

WWI memorial at the Franklin Town Common
WWI memorial at the Franklin Town Common

The Boston Common flag garden can be found here