Thursday, January 01, 2015

3 Word Goals: Mentor, Leverage, Exercise

Following Chris Brogan's practice of 3 word goals, I have turned the page for this new year.


No, I am not being lazy. I think wisdom is arriving with the days I spend. These three words have worked well for the past couple of years and I see no compelling reason for change this time around.

Exercise, Leverage, and Mentor will be the three word goals for 2015.

Exercise - as a life long runner, it has been an issue for me not to have run since mid-July 2013. As mentioned, I developed "Morton's neuroma". Cortisone shots in January did not help. I was able to walk but not run. I went back to the doctor in December as I was getting to thepoint where I miss running too much. Another cortisone shot and advice to not wait so long to return to the doctor is where I am now. Exercise is needed and while walking can work, I want to run.

Leverage - I have come to find more and more that leveraging the network is the way to go. i do this regularly and need to do more of this.

Mentor - one of the key ways to help those around me is via mentoring. I did some. I can still do more. 

(for those who may have visited earlier, as I was walking after posting this, I realized that re-ordering to spell ELM, as in the tree, would be easier to remember and hence follow.)

Do you have a goal setting process? 

What is your goal for 2015?

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