Sunday, January 01, 2012

3 word goals - 2012

In 2009, it was Basic, Leverage, and Return.
In 2010, it was Conversation, Content, and Community.
In 2011, it was Analogy, Bold, and Conduct

path around Lake Chillisquauqe

As we start 2012 today, my three words will be Learn, Share, and Laugh.

Learn - there is so much learning to be done. I have opportunities at work (with RBS Citizens Bank) and with my position on the Board of the Franklin Food Pantry. And those are just two key ones. I do seek out opportunities to learn and will return to SOBCon in May 2012. I will continue to support unconferences in New England with the return of PodCamp Western MA, PodCamp Boston, another Job Search Jam Session (or more). I am overdue making it to PodCamp New Hampshire, maybe this will be the year.

Share - I will continue to share what I have learned in a meaningful way. I am toying with another twist to the daily five things (#the5) I find to make the findings more meaningful to those they get shared with.

Laugh - life presents many opportunities for laughing and laughter is good medicine so I want to find ways to laugh more.

What are your goals for 2012?

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