Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Three word goals for 2014

Late to this but better late than not at all.

For 2013 it was Mentor, Leverage and Exercise

And while I may have broken a rule last year in reusing one word from a prior year, I am going further this year and keeping all three.

Yes: Mentor, Leverage and Exercise will be the new three word goals for 2014 as well.

Mahoning Creek over Meadowbrook Road, Danville, PA
Mahoning Creek over Meadowbrook Road, Danville, PA

Mentor - one of the key ways for me to help those around me is via mentoring. I did some. I can do more.

Leverage - time is short, I need to be able to leverage and re-use smartly wherever possible. I need to be able to draw upon the network to help advance both Franklin Matters and the Franklin Food Pantry on the home front. I will need to also expand and leverage the network within Citizens Bank.

Exercise - as a life long runner, it has been an issue for me not to have run since mid-July 2013. I developed "Morton's neuroma" and will be continuing treatment for it. In the meantime walking (as much as possible) and other exercises will have to suffice until I can run again.

Do you have a goal setting process? 

What is your goal for 2014?

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