Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PodCamp Boston 3 - July 19-20

Yes, the third iteration of the historic event returns to the Boston area this summer. PodCampers will converge on Harvard:
After a few months of research and groundwork, PodCamp Boston 3 will be held at the Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School on July 19 & 20, 2008. We’ve scheduled it during the summer, when it’s more affordable for venues, and not *too* close to PME/NME and PodCamps Ohio and Philly.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The venue, after all is said and done, will be about $35K for the amenities package, or about $25K for the space, plus A/V and Internet access.

PodCamp Boston 3 will be the first PodCamp that is also substantially sponsored by YOU. To help offset the fairly large price tag of the venue (and other schools & conference centers were of comparable cost), PodCamp Boston 3 will be the first PodCamp to revert back to the FooCamp model (the original unconference, before BarCamp) of using paid tickets for admission.

The Harvard medical school conference center holds about 400 people. With $50 sponsorships per person plus some corporate sponsorships, PodCamp Boston 3 should be able to break even.

We hope to see you at Harvard this summer. Sponsorship tickets are now available.

Click through to the PodCamp website to add it to your RSS Reader to maintain currency with additional info as it becomes available and of course, to register.

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