Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Franklin Override - Vote May 22

Normal blogging activity will resume after the Vote on May 22.

In the meantime, you will find information and analysis on the budget issue that Franklin faces for fiscal year 2008 and beyond.

To save some searching, I have put all that I have written in one collection here: The Franklin Override Collection

Other sources for information on the Franklin Fiscal Year 2008 Budget

New reader or regular, you should be aware that my wife is a kindergarten teacher in Franklin. My two daughters are recent (2004, 2006) products of the Franklin School system and both are doing well in college. There are a few other good reasons for me to be writing about this issue. I will continue to elaborate on them here.

The schools educate our future. Our family has worked hard to get where we are today. We'd like to be able to dream of a good future here in Franklin. Stay tuned for what happens on Franklin's 2008 Budget.


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  3. Anonymous3:00 AM

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