Monday, May 14, 2007

Oak Street Kindergarten Show

The four kindergarten classes at Oak Street School put on their Spring Performance on Friday, May 11, 2007. The combined classes are shown on the risers in the auditorium.

The performance was attended by many parents and family there to enjoy and capture the moment with any number of electronic devices.

The last piece performed was "What a wonderful world". It was a multifaceted performance in that the large poster (held by the children in front) had been prepared by some of the students while others in the class were learning sign language. As the song was performed, those who had learned the sign language, signed along.

After signing and singing the song, the large screen in the auditorium was used to project a slide show of photos taken in the weeks prior as the students worked on the posters and learned sign language.

After the performance, the families were invited back into the classroom for refreshments and to explore the classroom.

This is Mrs Sherlock's kindergarten classroom.

The exploration of the classroom was a wonderful thing to observe.

What will this day be like next year? There are four kindergarten classes at Oak Street this year, there may only be three next year. Simple math: 80 divided by 4 or by 3. The class size averaging 20 this year may grow to 27 next year. At this critical age (kindergarten) where exploring and learning need to take place within a developmentally appropriate environment, will the same amount of attention provided to the class of 20 be provided to the class of 27?

Your vote on May 22 is important for the education of Franklin's future.

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