Sunday, March 04, 2007

Garnet Rogers "All that is"

Managed to catch Garnet Rogers in concert at the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse down the road from my house here in Franklin. The Laws opened and played very well, good guitar picking and wonderful vocal harmonies. Amongst the songs that Garnet shared with us, the chorus to this one caught my ear and snagged it.

All that Is

Who can tell when in love you'll finally fall?
Some live in vain and never love at all
but as lightning strikes
or as a small insistent voice
if we are blessed we will hear and heed the call

Give your love and never count the cost
Lose your heart and never call it lost
May your love be your shelter
to the ending of your days
love is all that is, all that ever was

May your love grow strong and always kind
May your hearts grow forever more entwined
In the brightest day or the stillness of the night
May it be each others hand you seek and find

Never more to be alone
Ever closer you have grown
Forever now may no distance come between
And in each other's loving hearts you find a home

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