Wednesday, September 29, 2004

More driving - random thoughts

I am heading west and south to NJ, for some time driving directly into
the setting sun. I was prepared with visor down and sun glasses on, as
opposed to some drivers I happen upon who apparently are being blinded
by the glare. The sunset is a wonderful thing to watch. Especially when
it gets into the last phases, as the color splashes against the
undersides of the clouds just before it sets. One last blast, then the
clouds go grey, and you know it is over for the day.

The company that makes Hostess Twinkies filed for bankruptcy the other
day. Twinkies were not high on my list of junk food. If I needed a
Hostess sugar fix, I preferred the cup cakes. I do not know how they got
the frosting on just like that. In my baking experience, my frosting
could not come out like that. Anyway, I may have contributed to their
bankruptcy filing. I have not bought any cup cakes in a long time.
Although I must also admit that the Drakes Ring Dings were really my
favorite. A couple of Ring Dings and a YooHoo drink. What a chocolate
pick me up! I guess that is why when I needed a pit stop on the drive
tonight, I did get a package of cup cakes, for old times sake.

I was popping a CD in from time to time, which was easier than trying to
continue to tune the radio. As the sunset was reaching its peak, "This
land is your land" came on. I had one of the Peter, Paul, and Mary
collections on at the time. Their rendition of the Woody Guthrie classic
is a good one. How appropriate to have it pop up at that time? In the
midst of a glorious sunset amongst the Connecticut hills. A wonderful
thing it all is.

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