Thursday, August 19, 2010

job search notes: "You can't always get what you want, but if you try..."

I recall Mick Jagger singing
You can't always get what you want
And if you try sometime you find
You get what you need
So true, so true.

Our microwave died recently. Dolores and I had come back from our walk stopping for coffee along the way. She came in the kitchen, popped her coffee in the microwave, set it to warm up her coffee, heard a pop and then when the timer was done, she took her coffee. She walked away with hot coffee (or so she thought). I came by did the same thing to warm up my coffee and sat to read the paper. As I read the paper and sip coffee, I realized the coffee was rather cold for having just heated it up. Had I been reading that long already?

Dolores came back down from whatever she was doing upstairs and went to warm up her coffee again. This time she checked it when it was done. This time the cry went out, "Steve, I think the microwave is broken!"

Some more testing confirmed that indeed while the clock and timer, lights, fan... all seem to be in working order, the heating element was not functioning. Let's go to the web to see about repair options.

Sears was our first call as it was a Kenmore unit and had been very good for us. They would cost $179 to walk in the door and couldn't come until at least Friday. (This was Saturday.) Much too long to go back to the old way. We made the appointment and went back to the web for other options. I recalled getting service on something else before and found the magnet card on the refrigerator. We called them next. They could come out today but it would be $89 to walk in the door. That sounded much better so we booked that one and went back to cancel the Sears appointment.

A hour or so later the gentleman called, covered some of the basic questions on troubleshooting (I was prepared) and then laid out some cost options for what it might be. As the unit was almost 15 years old, we determined repair was not going to be a cost effective option. I thanked him for saving us some $$ and we put the magnet card back on the frig in a prominent spot.

Now to the web for research on a new unit. I also found a recent Consumer Reports issue that happened to cover kitchen appliances, including microwaves. Kenmore units weren't mentioned by Consumer Reports (why is another question). We did find a model similar to what we had at Sears, reasonably priced, similar features, but not in stock. It would take 9-10 days for delivery. Not good enough. Back to the web.

On Sunday, armed with additional research, we decided to try the newest Lowe's in our area as Dolores also had some errands to run in that vicinity as well. Lowe's was successful, the people were good and helpful. A unit was at the warehouse and could be on the next truck up to the store, we might have a delivery before the weekend. The deal was signed and sealed and we went away happy.

By Wednesday we found out the unit did not make it on the truck that arrived Monday (maybe it had left before we even purchased our unit) but that it would be on the truck arriving this Sunday. So after all, in the comparison between Sears and Lowe's, they both could have arrived at the same time.

Long story shortened, the microwave did arrive and was installed. Dolores is happy to be able to warm up her coffee now.

Could we have gotten same day purchase and install?
Only if we had paid an exorbitant amount.

Did it hurt us to use the 'old' ways of reheating leftovers (and coffee) without the microwave?
No, it did not. It reminded us that the microwave is a time saving device and one that has worked its way into kitchen life.

What is the job search angle to this story?
Think about it. How much like our job search is the story?

We submit an application, we want a response right now.

We have an interview, we want the next step right now.

Patience! There will be success. You will find your next opportunity.

Soon, we will all be singing with Mick:
You can't always get what you want
And if you try sometime you find
You get what you need
Now that you have the song in your head, the wikipedia entry is here:'t_Always_Get_What_You_Want

You can view the song on YouTube here: