Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Book Review - Over the Moat

James Sullivan: Over the Moat

This is not a novel but rather a first person memoir. It engaged me from the start perhaps because I had a draft lottery number that was the next one to be called before the Vietnam War ended. I have always considered how lucky I was and yet still eager to find out and understand the country and the people better. The war was such a turning point in the history of America. It was equally a turning point for the Vietnamese. The narrator takes a bike ride through Vietnam, makes a fortuitous stop in Hue, an old provincial capital city and that too becomes a turning point for his life. A quiet book, well written, enchanting. Enjoy!


  1. you forgot about the LOVE story... oh and the rest was good too. ~Allie

  2. Yes, I'll admit to leaving out the part about the love story. I guess I want folks to come to the book for the Vietnam issue and then discover the jewel of the story inside.