Friday, April 13, 2007

Franklin Override Collection

For those visiting and looking for my writing on the Franklin Override Vote 2007, this is one place to look. Of course, you are most welcome to browse around, search, and read everything else I write to your hearts desire.

For the information on Franklin's override vote for 2008, please visit Franklin Matters.

The postings are listed in reverse chronological order (newest on top):

MA Override results: updated

MA Override results: updated

MA Override results: updated (6/8/07)

Medfield Override passes

It's official - Override money added to budget

Override Central is out of date

School Committee Meeting Notes 5/29/07

Override Related News Items of Interest

MA Override results: Tally to date

sherku: Franklin override

Hey, don't miss the comments on this one!

Boston Globe - Override Central - Franklin's Yes

Milford Daily News headline - Franklin approves $2.7M override

Historic Step - Reflections

Vote tally - May 22, 2007

It's YES for Franklin's override!

What could we have done?

Voter turnout busy

Franklin Override - Vote May 22

Vote May 22

Ben's advice for Franklin

Yes, the Brick School should close as a classroom

Country Gazette full of override stories

Look at Mendon and Milford, their Chapter 70 stories

Library cuts headline Milford Daily News Today

Lessons from Seth's town

Anonymous response continued

Myths vs. realities

Response to anonymous' questions

Oak Street Kindergarten Show

Franklin makes the news in Maine

Pink slips delivered

Back to the drawing board, again

Teachers face uncertain future

Franklin Chart Summary

Franklin MCAS Scorecard

Franklin Special Ed as Percent of Total Education Spending

Franklin Chapter 70 Insights

An Apple for Franklin

Franklin Contribution to Education Declining

Franklin Per Pupil School Expense vs. MA Average

Franklin Info

Override Vote on May 22 - Yes or No?

Medway library = Franklin's future?

Franklin Budget - Milford Daily News

Budget final

Reality is what you think it is

Franklin Override Q&A - Yabuts!

Franklin's first library may not last

Information Session Replay

The property tax is not working

Shrewsbury Override Fails

Where is the 5 year plan?

Franklin's broke, needs to vote

Information Session in the Milford Daily News

Override Info Session Recap

Questions for the Information Session

Tidbits from FinCom Meeting 4/30/07

FinCom Upset with Town Council

What is in the school budget?

Franklin Music Boosters Email Notice

Special Override Election - 5/22/07

First wave of teacher layoff notices sent

May 1 - Information Session

Register to vote, absentee ballot

Every vote counts

Lessons from Westwood

Hey, Franklin!

Franklin Residential Tax Rate Comparison

Franklin Council Meeting on YouTube

Quotes from the FY 08 Budget Letter

Turn off TV Week, Tune into Franklin Instead!

red sky at morning, Franklin take warning

"Industry need not wish"

Franklin budget info

It's a Franklin problem and not a school problem

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