Friday, January 14, 2005

Personalized coaching to create the wow experience!

I accepted Tom Peters' Challenge earlier this week. After much thought and wordsmithing, here is what I have:

So what is my value add?

Personalized coaching to create the wow experience!

Only 7 words. I did it. To elaborate further:

It is personalized. I will take a holistic approach to the person. For example, I will consider the athlete as part of the whole person. Consider the problem as part of the company, or industry, or economy within which it operates.

It is coaching because bottom line, you, or they, need to do it. I will provide advice, encouragement, whatever is required and appropriate for the moment.

It needs to be a WOW. Anything less than that today is missed, ignored, ho-hum, not valued.

The experience is the thing. What is it that you need to do?
Improve your technical support, reduce cost in the supply chain, maximize value in the product lifecycle, or improve your individual performance.

I will bring my experience in teaching, coaching, customer service, project management, change management, process reengineering and communications skills to the table. The effort will be easy if there is passion or a playful attitude involved.

The value add I bring to this table is more than "my two cents". I have the attitude of a 19-year-old but with 36* years of experience. Yes, Peter Pan is one of my heroes.

If you would like to utilize my value add, please let me know via comment or email.

* updated 9/24/07 - I need to remember to update this each December as I turn the page on a new year

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