Friday, June 19, 2009

Social Media Breakfast - SMB14 recap

The 14th in the series of Social Media Breakfasts was held in Watertown at Communispace's facility in the refurbished Arsenal complex. Bob Collins facilitated the presentations and discussion on "Social Media Overload - Making sense of it all". Sponsored by Communispace and PeopleBrowser.

If you were looking to find "the" silver bullet, there isn't one, yet. In the web of what is occurring within social media, there is hope.

Joe Cascio said, “The nature of a communication medium is that it tends towards a standard.”


We don't have 50-plus phones in our homes to communicate.

Michael Durwin teased us with, a product/service in development with plans for public beta later this year (November-ish) and possible launch in time for next year's SXSW Conference. He modified a line from an old Peter Lynch marketing campaing for Fidelity Investments:

"Know where you are and why you are there"


to help explain what will do for us. The service will enable us to manage our profile across any service that requires a profile; social media sites, banking sites, etc. You can view the brief video he showed here. It is worth clicking through to see!

Marta Kagan, yes, she of the Twitter Bio that proclaims "Managing Director, US for Espresso (integrated marketing agency) Also a Bonafide Marketing Genius. Also very humble."


She of the excellent Slideshare on social media. Marta presented another visually pleasing and effective presentation:

Michael Troiano, provided an overview of the new tool, VoxTrot, from Crimson Hexagon. I liked the story behind the name for Crimson Hexagon. The name derives from a short story by Jorge Luis Borges that speculates about a room containing an index to all the books ever printed, the name of the room was "Crimson Hexagon".


He was able to provide additional details during the group Q&A. From the Crimson Hexagon blog, I find this video interview with Jason Falls and Mike that sums up the tol capabilities very well and quickly (just over 4 minutes).

Plenty of food for thought from this Social Media Breakfast. Keep your ears and eyes open for the next one. Who knows, one of these days we will find the silver bullet to managing the social media overload.


  1. Great post Steve! I don't think we'll ever find the silver bullet for managing social media. We're working to provide you with some powerful tools to do so at, but, much like managing anything online or in real life: it takes work.
    p.s. the video I showed SMB14 is at if you're interested in seeing it again.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I agree that we may not find the silver bullet. It is a worthy goal to try for (much like you are doing with

    I updated the posting to add the video, thanks for sending that along!

    I can hardly wait for This sounds like just what we need.

  3. Thanks, Steve, nice recap.

  4. Mike, you are most welcome!