Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Work@Home - Guilt Trip

I do not know why but when I work at home, which I do not do often, I feel guilty. I had some dental work that needed to get done and it seemed like a good thing to do, so three days this month have been spent working at home.

At work, you can get up, take a break, even a bio break, and still meet someone in the hall and have a conversation on work. At home, you do the bio break and you wonder if you should have brought the phone with you.

I actually can spend more productive hours working from home in the "normal" day. While I do work on the train, I don't while waiting for it, or walking to the office after the train pulls into the station. This time lost is avoided by working at home.

So if I am more productive, why do I feel guilty?

I shouldn't but I do. Why is that? Is it just me?

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