Saturday, January 01, 2005

"We Call It Fashion Math"

Family conversation.
In the kitchen two days ago.
Mother and youngest daughter just returned from shopping.
Looking for some black slacks that fit.
Daughter is tall, 5' 8 1/2".
Hard to find stuff that fits properly.
Looked here and there, spent hours shopping, found one pair that fit.
Not on sale, still listed at $50.
Did not buy it.

Did find a blouse on sale for $5. Bought it.

Okay, father overhears this and reacts: Why not?
So what that it is not on sale.
(And believe me, I do appreciate sales.)
How long have you been looking?
How many stores have you visited?
How much gas have you used driving to these places?

By the time you find one that fits and is on sale, you might well end up with the total cost for the pair equal to (or more than!) the one you could have for $50!

And then this article appears in the Globe today. Bingo!

"We call it fashion math," says Kate Dimmock, fashion director for SHOP Etc. magazine. "When you find a jean that fits you perfectly, that you love and that you look great in, you're going to wear it three times per week. That's why women are willing to pay that extra price."

Okay, it is on jeans, but the point is very much the same. There is a market for this. Why can't it be for more than jeans?

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