Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pacers Created Some Heat Tonight in the Cold

In case you have not heard, it is really cold here in New England. The Artic blast that has engulfed the nation has dropped the temps to single digits Fahrenheit, with the wind chill in double digits on the negative scale. Yes, Minnesota recorded a lower temp (-54 got the headlines) and I am sure that there are other worthy cold spots than what we have here in Franklin, MA but it is COLD.

The NC Pacers Running Club still held their hill work out tonight at TriCounty High School. The parking lot is on top of the hill. One side is approximately .3 mile long, the other side about .2 mile.

We start at the parking lot and go down the long side "around the block" at the bottom of the hill and up the short side. During one of our "catch our breath" breaks, we decided we needed to name the hills. No candidates yet, but when we do, I'll let you know.

Then it is up the long side hard, down the short side easy, back up the short side hard, down the long side easy. And repeat. Three times. Each up/down combo is about .5 mile so we quickly cover 3 miles hard/easy and another 2 miles on the warm up/down for a 5 mile total to enter in the running log.

The warm down loop is the same around the block loop as we started with although we called it our "keep warm loop" tonight.

Thanks to Diana, Sheila, Mike, Mike, and Charlie for the company and incentive to go up and down the hills tonight in the cold.

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