Sunday, December 12, 2010

East of Shirley - The evening by sherku

Spent a good evening up at the Harvest Cafe in Hudson listening to East of Shirley. A corner spot, pen and index cards at hand, a good drink, good music to listen to, all together created an inspiring moment or two for some sherkus. Here is how the evening went via sherku.

On Twitter I found @MyWordWizard posting a challenge:
@MyWordWizard: 2Poets&Dreamers.Complete this. "It was biting cold, but we felt.."

I was able to draw upon my mental archives to craft:

sherku: Winter run 
it was biting cold  
but we felt
so good heading home
with the wind
at our backs

To which they replied:
@shersteve Thank you so much for that completion. Very optimistic sentiment full of the warmth of home. Encore!

So I was off into sherku land

Sherku: Harvest cafe
Harvest cafe
Harpoon winter warmer
East of Shirley
let the music flow

Lydia Biasi adds her voice to the mix for East of Shirley

Sherku: Lydia 
too many stories
over hot chocolate
Lydia sings of
faithless love

And all good things do come to an end, eventually

Sherku: closing 
Lights laughter music
numbers run down
Dutchman's secret only
Margaret knows

And then the final one for the evening as the Franklin skyline appeared along i495:

Sherku: still cooking
Longhorn exhales
into the night
grey on grey
I guess not
all are abed

And yes, they did play the full "Ernesto, manana". Sections of this song open and close the weekly podcast for Franklin Matters.

When you have a quiet moment, what would you put to paper with pen or pencil?