Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inside #the5 Wednesday - word fit

Good morning, time to go inside #the5 today!

Did you use one of these 10 most overused buzzwords in your LinkedIn profile this year?  me - time to use!
Wordle is a free and excellent tool to use for a quick analysis of the word frequency in a document or website. Great for checking your resume!

Ideas for Job Search, Career and Life - Tim's Strategy  how to handle job leads 
How do you handle job leads? Tim provides a listing of this to do. Would you add to this list? What works for you?

LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Business in 2011 – The Battle Begins!  interesting reading, good for  today
Will the social media sites converge to be all alike? Which one would you be on if this happened?

Ring Ring  "letting other things that matter very much go straight to voicemail" @ enters 
What do you phone in? What really matters to you?

Project Based Learning - Explained: A Custom Video Project with BIE  @ wins a spot 
Just in time learning demeans the concept. Life long learning is good but too broad. Project based learning may be just right! What do you think?

The words we use do make a difference. To be found, the key search terms need to be present. To create the positive image, some work better than others. Tools (like are available to help. Feedback from your friends, family and network connections should also be utilized. Words matter!

What have you learned that you can share today?