Sunday, June 07, 2009

job search notes: what is your story?

Customers seek that magical quality of distinction! As we have already discovered, distinction is developed by organizations and professionals that first develop clarity about what they are -- followed by creativity in their approach -- then communicate their story in a compelling manner. It is no coincidence that these organizations that we are tired of hearing about -- Southwest, Starbucks, Apple, and so forth -- are the ones that most frequently tell their stories in a precise and compelling manner. Yet why is it so difficult to find other examples? I suggest the reason is that so few organizations or individuals in business today understand the basics of telling the compelling story.
From the Collapse of Distinction by Scott McKain

Clarity, creativity, communication. The three C's behind telling a compelling story.

What is your story?

If you would like to practice telling your story, I am ready to listen and provide feedback.

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