Saturday, June 13, 2009

job search notes: go friendwork!

I hate the term “networking!” It sounds artificial and a bit calculating.

Networking better describes IT systems rather than trying to explain the magic of flesh and blood human beings who connect and help each other in much more meaningful ways.

I’d rather think of it instead as a FriendWork.

What makes life worthwhile is really our family and friends. They also have a huge impact in our careers since research shows that we get jobs primarily through people we know.

Sue Connolly has a good posting on FriendWork. You can read the remainder of this here.

I have written previously about making a warm call instead of a cold call. Sue's advice is along the same lines. If the folks are your friends, it will be easy to make the connection. The better the friend, the better the connection.

Have you kept in touch with your friends?

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