Monday, February 23, 2009

Flickr backup tool, plus

From MAKE Magazine, I find this entry:
A quick search landed me on FlickrEdit, a Java desktop application that uses the Flickr API to manage and export your Flickr content.

FlickrEdit will launch from a URL, after which you'll have to agree to a security dialog and you'll have the option of adding a shortcut to the app on your Desktop. After the application starts, you can associate it with your Flickr account and allow FlickrEdit to access your photos.

Your photo sets will be listed in the FlickrEdit interface. Simply select the ones you want to back up, hit the backup button in the lower right, and select a folder. FlickrEdit will download all of the full-res versions of your photos, broken out into subdirectories for each set.

FlickrEdit can be found here

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