Tuesday, February 03, 2009

job search notes: Task avoidance

It is good to have a "To Do" list.
It is better to have a prioritized "To Do" list!

Otherwise, with something "to do" that you really are looking to avoid, anything else on the "to do" list becomes a really good thing "to do". You accomplish something. See that's done! It is crossed from the list.
But the item that needs to be done, remains there. Sitting. Waiting. Being avoided.
I need to tweak my resume to focus it properly for a particular position. The advice was clear and reasonable. Some things in my chronological story need to be combined with others. Nothing major. Shouldn't take long.
But to remove the stuff needed to streamline it; that is the hard part. Those items represent hours of good and successful work, great accomplishments. They are part of me. Why should I "diminish" them?
To emphasis what is being looked for in this case! They are looking for something specific that you do, not all that you do. The resume needs to be focused to get you to the interview. Once there, you can impress them with all the talents that you have. They'll appreciate it at that time. But the gatekeepers won't. To them it is clutter.

I need a subtle knife.
A subtle knife, a subtle knife, my kingdom for a subtle knife!
Apologies to Master Shakespeare for taking liberties with his phrase but that is what I need. I need the knife to open a window. Right there. Not far. Just enough to step aside. To create a 3rd person perspective on this to do the editing necessary.

Now that the statement has been uttered, written out for the world to see, I just may be able to find the window and step aside.

Um, is that a window over there?

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