Thursday, October 25, 2007

Franklin: Signs, Signs, Signs

The controversy over some candidates placing their signs up a day early gives us insight into the actions and beliefs of some of our 'leaders'.

I see the story as follows:

A bylaw is a law to be enforced.

Just because the town attorney renders an opinion that the bylaw is probably unconstitutional, unless the bylaw is challenged, and until the court renders it's opinion, it is still a law to be enforced.

Internal communication amongst some folks in government does not count as 'official notice', especially if it leaves some folks out of the loop. There is something called inside information.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Given that the real issue facing the town is "the budget, the budget, the budget", this is trivial and silly but at the same time insightful.

If your leaders would choose to seek this kind of advantage, are they worthy enough to be your leaders?

Your get a chance to make your choice on November 6th, Franklin!

In case you missed the sign affair, Michael Morton has this and this in the Milford Daily News.

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