Monday, August 31, 2009

job search notes: good links

1 - When Seth Godin says something, somebody somewhere starts to listen. Be prepared if you find this kind of interview process

Two ways to hire (and a wrong way)

by Seth Godin

2 - Amongst the many lessons available from Ted Kennedy's passing is this one that should have some mileage for all of us

How Ted Kennedy Got Things Done

by John Baldoni

3 - From the Harvard Business Review, some trends that could be helpful in determining your target markets

Trend to Watch: Shifting Consumption Patterns

by Eric Beinhocker & Elizabeth Stephenson

4 - Along the lines of determining our future opportunities, one key question for consideration "Does the work you chose enable you to be happy?"

Should Work Make Us Happy?

by Gill Corkindale

5 - From TED Talks, the philosopher just referenced above (Alain de Botton)

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