Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lessons from floor washing

These pictures were Twittered on Friday as I took breaks in my floor washing. The breaks were brief respites. You should celebrate success periodically. Celebrating small successes helps to renew the energy to tackle the next phase of work, whether it is floor washing or whatever.

Preparation: it helps to remove the major items that can be moved to clear the floor

it helps to remove the obstacles from the room before getting to the floor

Execution: now down to the hard part

Down on my knees to wash the floor; one way to be productive on a rainy Friday

Alternatives: I'd rather do windows than floors, easier to stretch my legs

Floor washing break: I like windows better  easier to stretch than stress my knee

Completion: Can't forget to do the entry hallway, it is really all the same flooring

floor washing break: last one  it's dry so I touched up some of the chips in the

Next up, the secret to really making the floor look so clean there is no question on what was done.

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