Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Reminder: NewBCamp - Sunday - 2/8/09

Register today: registration is only $10. A real bargain!

What if you had the chance to have a conversation that resolved a nagging computer problem you’ve been having for a week now? Or helped you discover a website which expands your network and promotes your business at the same time? And don’t forget the three minute tutorial on new software you’ve been too busy to figure out.

On Sunday February 8, 2009, Free Geek Providence in collaboration with the SofT ICE club at Johnson & Wales is organizing NewBCamp, an “unconference” for the rest of us. Rather than a conference, in which the communication is too often only one way, an “unconference” is based around the idea that an event brings people together that have something to talk about with each other.

NewBCamp will feature break-out sessions based around an informal, conversational format. There will be four featured presentations on the following topics:
• Why and how do I start a blog?
• What tools can help me design my own business card?
• What do I need to know to buy a quality computer/laptop?
• How do I protect my identity and personal information on the web?

We are also actively seeking presenters and participants!

This may be the place for you to participate and get your questions answered!

Updated: Yes, if you did see an earlier note about the day of registration increasing to $25, while it was discussed on the last conference call, we will not be implementing that this year. Same bargain, $10 early or day of.

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