Sunday, May 15, 2005

GEL 2005 - Ron Pompei

Ron Pompei, Principal and CEO of Pompei A.D. spoke next. Some background info on Ron is available in Mark’s interview with him that took place before the conference and can be found here.

Ron tossed out a number of good ideas in his short presentation. His was one where I ended up thinking he really should have had more time to present (although the other side of the coin says, he could have condensed his presentation or focused it a little better to fit). He talked about multiple intelligences; analogical, analytical and empathetical in particular. There are others but he focused on these. The customer marketplace needs to be relevant, authentic, and intimate in order to succeed. The market is not a destination today but a journey. The re-integration of culture with unity is a challenge today.

I come away from my review of these notes feeling that they do not do justice to the connections and head spinning I was going through listening to him talk. I can not wait for the copy of the GEL DVD to review his section again. So many connections were being made. Ron is onto something good.

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