Sunday, May 15, 2005

GEL 2005 - Alexandra Schwartz

Alexandra Schwartz, Curatorial Assistant at The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), provided some insight into Roy Lichenstein. Roy had painted a 68 foot mural in the entrance lobby of the Equitable Building where the conference was being held.

As Alexandra made her presentation, we realized that Roy’s work Mural with Blue Brushstroke - 1986 fit nicely within the “primary sources” theme. He tended to use pop images in his work. He also re-used some images of his earlier work. The “Girl with a Ball” (in MOMA’s collection) for example, was incorporated into this mural.

Alexandra’s presentation provided new incentive to take a real good look at the mural in the lobby. Many GELers did so on the next break and during the remainder of the day. You needed to step back and look up to really take it all in. The story and scenes we were shown of the work in progress gave us a new appreciation for this wonderful painting.

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