Monday, May 16, 2005

Creating a Good Experience

Found this on ?IC@TomorrowToday.

With GEL 2005 on my mind, this story was easy to pick up.

Not that every flight will do this, I think most American flights won't be able to due to the current FAA regulations, but it is a good idea.

Simple, effective and it has legs. See, I am spreading it. Someone else will also.

This is the mark of a good customer experience. It will have legs to take it places!

BTW, GEL 2005 has been so on the mind recently (other than hovering over me because I am late writing up the report on the day), I have decided to branch out to another blog.

Yes, I'll keep this one for the more personal, family, and 'life in general' stuff.
I already have PassionateRunner for my running posts and my joint venture with Troy Worman: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Blogosphere.

The new one will focus on business around the good customer experience.

It remains to be named so if you have any ideas, my ears are open.

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