Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lowell Folk Festival - recap via sherku - part 1

sherku: spirit 
words don't much
matter when
sent forth with
good music
Lowell Folk

sherku: black hat 
broad brimmed
black hat carried
waved, gestured
part of his dance

sherku: morning 
great day
in the morning
Claire Lynch Band
gets great start
with funky
bluegrass music

sherku: swing 
who knew that
could fiddle
a swing beat
so let's swing
lost in music

sherku: rhythm 
no need
no fancy
hands slap thighs
and steel toe shoes
find the rhythm

sherku: booming blues 
do you hear
Magic Slim
and the Teardrops
play the blues
keeping the
storms away

sherku: dancing 
in their chairs
in the aisles
on the dance floor
these blues got
everyone moving

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