Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Wandering Poet

The Wandering Poet
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I saw Edmund for the first time on Thursday at the Dodge Poetry Festival. He was near the entrance and was welcoming folks as they walked along the path from the parking area towards the entrance of Waterloo Village. He extended a greeting and bowed. I returned the greeting.

I saw him later near the gazebo with a pack of high school kids around him busy in conversation.

I saw him still later with another (or maybe the same group) pack of high school kids around him in another area of the Village.

On Friday, I was leaving the main stage tent and he offered his greeting. I returned it and hurried along to my next reading. But now I was intreaged. Who was this guy?

Heading back to the main stage tent for the Poetry Sampler on Friday, he was there again. This time I had some time and so stopped to chat. He offered to read a poem. He pulled up his leather cover book holster, opened to a page and gave a poem about hands. I don't recall much other than it was about hands as he then asked me to share one.

Me, could I think of one quickly enough. Fortunately, the Orange numbers poem came to mind as it was about rolling an orange round in your hands. I did share it and needed to start again to get the numbers in the right order. We continued talking about poetry, connections to life, etc.

Edmund Baranowski, the Wandering Poet.

Look for him at an outdoor event. Share a poem with him.

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