Monday, October 09, 2006

Andrew Motion in the news

Hey, I must admit, I probably would have passed by this article if I had not been up close to Andrew at the recent Dodge Poetry Festival. But this BBC article adds another view to the person and the role Andrew currently plays for England.
Pretty serious stuff, this poetry! Westminster Abbey, is not your average corner place.
... he is a committed ambassador for poetry - and in particular says he wants to defend the type of literary writing that isn't immediately easy to understand.

"Elitist is one of those words that has been terribly corrupted,"  he says. And he says that defending more complex, challenging writing is as much a necessity as the business of broadening poetry's appeal.

To help broaden poetry's appeal, he has helped to launch the Poetry Archive. In his talk, "Poets on Poetry" at Dodge, I heard him mention this work and how he is hopeful of a major announcement soon that would reveal the addition of some key American poets to be added to the site. This will be good but there is plenty to spend some time with now.
Take a peak over at the Poetry Archive. Have a poet read you their poem!
PS - in case you missed it, Andrew Motion is the current poet laureate for England.
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