Saturday, September 03, 2011

Another successful event

Many were not sure what they were getting into. What is an unconference? How come the schedule is not complete? How will we know what there is?

Those who came and were willing to let things happen found out how good it was. They ended up with choices of good sessions to participate in. If they had a tough choice, and wanted a session repeated, in many cases it was.

We started the day with about 9 sessions already filled in on the board with others ready to go depending upon the wants and needs of the group. At the end of the Job Search Jam Sessions 3, this is what the schedule board looked like. We had provided 22 sessions over the course of the five time slots providing choices for each time slot and repeating many of the sessions.

Job Search Jam Sessions 3 - schedule board

(Yes, the sticky notes didn't want to stay on the shiny white board and even with masking tape, they had trouble staying in place.)

How many people came? 49 people participated, 31 of the 35 who pre-registered showed up along with 18 walk-ins.

A great big thank you to the other organizers and speakers who made this event possible.

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