Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Harry Potter - Deathly Hallows arrives Nov 19th

Harry Potter 7 is coming to the the theaters near you.

These standup posters were at the Lincoln Mall where I walk with Dad. They are two triangular pieces, each of the three sides depicts a different characters. The good characters on one (Harry, Ron, and Hermoine), the 'bad' characters (Voldemort, Snape and yes, I have forgotten her name). I am embarrassed to say that I did forget her name. She is deliciously played by Helena Bonham Carter.

I likely won't be able to read all the prior books before this movie. I used to try and do that before each of the books came out as they were published, and then again before each movie was released but alas, I will be driving this time to work and not riding the train so my reading time is cut down. Yes, I could do books on tape but I fear I would get too involved in the book and not pay enough attention to the driving.

Still it might be worth a try!

Have you read Harry Potter?

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