Monday, July 26, 2010

job search notes: Step by step - #HireFriday

Step by step - #HireFriday

1 - Create a Twitter account

2 - Post your resume (use a link shortener) and LinkedIn profile with the tag #hirefriday

3 - follow the stream of tweets for #hirefriday

4 - be prepared to respond if some one offers to help

What is Twitter?
The folks at Common Craft have put together a two minute explanation here:

How do I use Twitter?
a) There is a good page explaining here:
b) The HowCast put together a 4 minute video here:
c) There is also this ‘newbies’ guide to using Twitter here:

Where do I upload my resume?
Search for a free file service, there are dozens available. If you already have a Google account you can upload your resume to Google Docs and share it from there.

How do I follow the stream on #hirefriday?
a) If you have a Twitter client like Tweetdeck or Seesmic, you can add a search column looking for the hashtag #hirefriday.
b) you can use to follow #hirefriday

How did hirefriday start?
a) HR Margo Rose started the idea with her posting in May

b) Marie Journey did a guest post providing some helpful tips including using Tweetdeck for hirefriday:

c) HR Margo Rose with a more recent posting (July 14) on the origin of hirefriday

Steve’s #HireFriday entry is:
My 6 word resume - project delivered, team happy, customer delighted! #hirefriday

If you would like to download this document, you can obtain it here: