Saturday, February 14, 2009

5 for Friday

Yes, it is Saturday. My eye appointment yesterday changed my schedule when the dilated eyes took a couple of hours to return to normal. Of course, if I had remembered that this would occur, I could have scheduled things differently. So one learns and goes on.

1 - From Jane Genova, who I found when hitchhiking the blogosphere sometime ago, has written "The Last Blog Post" and says:
Blogging also has been a way to keep the demons locked in the basement. In Manhattan there is that old joke: If the rats stay in the cellar and don't join the diners upstairs the restaurant is doing just fine. Having demons no longer preoccupies me. They're down there. I'm up here. The end of story.
Fortunately, it is not really the end of the story. Click through to her site to read more of her post. You can pick up her e-book "Geezer Guts" here.

2 - Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, has this video tip from his blog

Find more videos like this on Greenlight Community

3 - From Robert Scoble a Twitter tip to Twickie

OK, so, what is the tool I was using earlier in the evening to get lots of responses from my Twitter followers and copy and paste them into my blog? Chris Pirillo’s Twickie.

How does it work?

I ask a question on Twitter.

People respond.

I log into Twickie. It lets me see the tweets I’ve posted. I click on a down arrow to see all responses.

One great thing with Twickie, it users your Twitter id/password so you don't need to set up another one.

4 - From the Blogger Buzz, a timely post on integrating your blog into Facebook.
Over the years we've heard lots of great ideas for promoting your blog, and have been compiling them here as a handy reference. From simply adding links to enabling cool newer features such as Following, we're always happy to update the page when we stumble across something new.

Our latest addition comes from our friends at TypePad, who have put together a great video on How to add your blog feed to your Facebook profile. After trying this ourselves, we've found that integrating your blog feed into your Facebook profile can be a really effective way to keep your friends updated on the latest from your blog.
I realize that I don't have an easy way for folks to join the "I Believe Franklin (MA) Matters" group in Facebook on the blog itself. Duh! About time I do so.

5 - Teresa Brazen writes on the Adaptive Path Blog

In December, a blind man led me into darkness. I had a cane, but it only partially helped. I felt around with my hands. I listened to the voices of the people around me, gauging their distance by their loudness, shifting so I didn’t bump into them. The smell of grass helped me understand I was in a park. When I put my hands into a basket, I touched oranges and knew it from the feel of their skin, not their smell.

I was in an exhibition called, “Dialogue in the Dark.” As the organizers explain, “In completely darkened rooms, blind people lead small groups of guests through an exhibition in which everyday situations are experienced altogether differently, without eyesight.” Prior to this, I’d never experienced blindness. Actually, I’d never experienced the loss of any sense before.

Read Teresa's full post here.

I think it most fitting to end here with Teresa's post since I began by talking about my own eye dilation issue.

Use all your senses!

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