Sunday, December 07, 2008

Front door - wreath (updated)

Front door - wreath, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Hung the wreath yesterday and upon second thought realized in needed a little more color.

Before discarding the wreaths each year, I remove the ornamental pieces (berries, pine cones, etc.) I went into the archive to find a few appropriate pieces of color to add.

Dolores gave me a "double thumbs up"! I guess I did pretty well.


  1. I'll admit, Steve, to being of two minds on this topic.

    No question that the new wreath is more attractive to the eye, and so it is a win in that regard.

    There is a part of me, though, who loves the completely natural look of the first version. For me, it is a closer-to-nature version.

    Thankfully, there are no LEDs blinking out MERRY CHRISTMAS in seven languages, so I'm able to buy in to the new version with no qualms.

    Good job, Steve!

  2. As natural as the original wreath was, it just blended into the house. It didn't reach out to catch someone's eye, subtly of course, as this one attempts to do.

    When the lights do go up, there will be a single light in each window. You won't need to worry about LED's!

    Thanks Rick!