Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"great rock & roll bands are exceptional business teams"

Well, it’s turning into my life work, given how long I’ve been hacking away at it. My focus is on business lessons we can learn from rock & roll bands. The book identifies 6 ways in which the great rock & roll bands are exceptional business teams: (1) they’re radical innovators and risk-takers; (2) they’re passionate and inspired about their work—and they have fun; (3) they manage differences and capitalize on conflict; (4) they create a distinct identity and brand; (5) they’re ambitious, focused, and result-driven, despite stereotypes to the contrary; and (6) they’re highly autonomous and independent-minded. Then I show how to instill—or liberate—these abilities in our organizational teams. And I argue that without an infusion of these qualities many of our beleaguered organizations and institutions, ill equipped to compete in this crazy economy, are headed for obsolescence or irrelevance. To keep it interesting I illustrate my points with lots of stories and anecdotes from boardrooms, bars, and recording studios. It will be a business book you can dance to. Hopefully I’ll finish it this year. I’m a slow writer, but maybe it will appeal to all the slow readers out there.
From John O'Leary as told to Trevor Gay as part of an interview at The Simplicity Blog. Well worth a read, you have my permission to click through and read it.

Tell Trevor, I sent you!


  1. Hey Steve, thanks for the notice. Just trying to instill a little life into the gray world of cubicle serfdom (to echo a Tom Peters phrase). Best wishes from a fellow Bay Stater!

  2. Thanks for stopping by John. The interview was well worth spreading the word about.