Saturday, May 03, 2008

SOBCon08 - initial feedback on conference

working through some technical issues with the mics and speaker placements

the name tag strings are too long, your name ends up on your belt buckle. I see some folks short tying them to correct this

looking down the room, a number of heads are looking into their laptops and not at the speaker
hopefully, they are indeed paying attention

the speakers are being translated to sign language for the benefit of a couple of hearing challenged folks, great move!


better time management, in that the concept of masterminding is great. It combines the best of learning from the "masters" and sharing and internalizing the best practices within the group. The presentations this afternoon have skipped the mastermind portion to save on time as we need to be out of the facility by 6:00 PM.

the proof is (as mentioned in the lunch post) it is hard to get the group back together again from lunch, from the master minding, there is so much energy and conversation going on when the groups get together, this is the learning going on. This is the real value of the conference. With all due respect to the presenters, they planted the seed, we helped it grow in the discussions.

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