Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Over 50? - Take the Elder blog survey

Ronni Bennett and others in the elder blog world
have put together a survey.
The goal is to find out what elderbloggers are like, how we may be similar and how we are different, how we relate to technology, how we came to be bloggers or blog readers, how we feel about it and what our demographics are.

There are 57 questions, many of which are required so that there is the largest possible population from which to draw conclusions. They are straightforward questions, mostly multiple-choice, and it shouldn’t take longer than about 15 minutes to complete.

If you are over 50, please consider taking the survey.

I just took the survey myself, it is quick and easy to do.


  1. It (the survey) seems to have gone #poof#, Steve. Blogger denies any knowledge of it at this point.

  2. It looks like the href in the code behind the button is close but not quite exactly right.

    No worries--I found the survey!

  3. Thanks, Rick. I think I found and fixed the code so the next person won't have this problem.

    thanks for letting me know.

    thanks also for taking the survey.

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