Friday, April 25, 2008

GEL2008 Day1 Sphereplay

GEL2008 Day1 Sphereplay, originally uploaded by shersteve.

Michael and Jennifer provided good instruction in Sphereplay. They showed us the three basic moves: the index finger roll, the pinky finger roll and the top of the finger roll. Combine those and any other that you can think of (within gravity) and that is Sphereplay.

The logo on their stickers reads: "Think less, play more"

When you play you get into the moment more fully than you would if you thought about it. It works, after an hour of rolling (or trying to roll) the sphere around my hands, I could not recall the last item on my list of to do's from work. After the session ended, the Blackberry connection brought it all back. It was good while it lasted and now I also know how to bring it back.

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